Wednesday, 25 October 2017

They Do Things Differently In The Country...

A quiet street in a market town erupted into violence as two gangs armed with garden equipment and a chainsaw clashed.
I presume they mean a petrol driven chainsaw? Or they had a very long lead!
The fight erupted shortly before 3.30pm on Friday on the small residential street of Fleeters Hill in Hingham.
It is understood the incident was the result of a long-running neighbourhood dispute, which had boiled over.
One woman, who did not wish to be named, said she was watching TV in bed when she heard commotion outside.
“I saw all the men running in different directions, and it was just fists to begin with,” she said. “But then all of a sudden a chainsaw came out, then loads of other garden tools.
“One boy was threatening to wrap a spade around an older bloke’s head.
“The chainsaw was running and a young lad got cut by it across his chest. He was bleeding quite a bit.”
“It was initially between two males, but they had gangs on each side.
“This all boils down to someone reporting the others to the council for having fires, and them accusing someone as being the ones who reported them.”
It's all so very different from London.

H/T: jack ketch in comments


jack ketch said...

So different from leafy Surrey too:

Best quote :"He was still a man who knew what the consequences of using a garden fork to attack someone were."

Lord T said...

I think we need to ban chainsaws... and forks.

JuliaM said...

"So different from leafy Surrey too"

Nice to see the prosecutor's priority here!

"Ryan Richter, prosecuting, told the jury in his closing argument at Guildford Crown Court: "This is an undoubtedly sad case.

"Sad for Mr Eley, because it is clear he was significantly mentally unwell at the time. Sad too for Mr Moore and Mr Mortimer, who had done nothing wrong and yet left that shop badly injured.""