Wednesday, 11 October 2017

*Rummages* Where's My Heart Of Stone?

An exercise game encouraging participants to tap electronic fobs on boxes around Dagenham has been postponed...
Oh..? Due to weather? Lack of interest? Technical difficulties?
...after all the boxes were stolen.
Seun Oshinaike, from DigiLab, explained that the team had originally put the boxes up on Sunday, and that damage had been caused within hours.
“We put about six of them in the park and when we went back to make an adjustment we found it had been knocked off,” he said.
“I’m not quite sure what reason someone would have to steal them,” Seun said.
It's the 'Nam, fella, they don't need a reason, other than 'it was there'.
“It could be someone who stole them to try and sell the parts, or because they had a grievance.”
A grievance against a fitness company..?
But the theft isn’t going to stop the game from going ahead - it will be relaunched, complete with new boxes, on October 9, and run for six weeks.
“We’re not going to let this stop us,” Seun said. “The new boxes will have extra security.”
Unless they are electrified, I don't think that's going to work. Still, you got some publicity out of it. And, no doubt, a nice little earner from the council.

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