Saturday, 14 October 2017

Not So Much Fun When You're On The Receiving End, Eh?

Michael Segalov, a former University of Sussex student, was all set for the start of the conference in Brighton on Sunday, only to be informed his accreditation had not been accepted - because he did not pass the security check to enter the site.
However, the force has refused to say why the journalist has been banned.
Gosh, it's like something out of Kafka, isn't it? Good thing that's not something the Labour Party would normally condone, eh?
Mr Segalov, who is the news editor for Huck magazine, based in London, said the conference was one of the biggest events in the calendar for his publication, and said it is a huge loss not being able to attend. He does not have a criminal record and has never been arrested.
Mr Segalov, who was an officer for university’s Students’ Union during his studies, said it has prevented him from doing his job.
“Not being able to access the conference despite having no criminal record, never having been arrested or convicted of an offence while being a member of both the National Union of Journalists and the Labour Party, has meant I’m unable to fulfil my job as a journalist,” he said.
“Accessing political events is integral to the work I do, and right now, despite being given no justification or reasoning, the police are restricting me from doing this.”
Hmmm, I know it's around here somewhere....

Aha! There it is!
A spokesman for the force said: “All applications to attend the conference are subject to an accreditation process. We will not disclose details about individual applications and the reasons for their refusal for operational reasons.”
Heh! Enjoy, Mr Segalov! It's the society you helped build, after all.


Pcar said...

Surprising Corbyn and McDonald weren't banned from attending by police due to security concerns.

Both have a long history with associating with prohibited terrorist organisations, especially in relation to Brighton

JuliaM said...

Heh! Good point.