Monday, 30 September 2019

And Yet She Could Afford The Air Fare...

Non-British patients who do not have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) are charged for the care they receive in this country because they are not contributing to the UK through tax.
Yes. And...?
But for some, like Nigerian grandmother Grace Umoru, the price of this care can be a huge and unexpected burden.
No doubt. But what's her story?
Mrs Umoru came to Bolton in June to see her son-in-law Jamal Ohiobugie and her granddaughter after being treated by doctors in her home of Edo State for a recurring wound to her leg.
However, once arriving in the UK, Mr Ohiobugie realised that his mother’s injury was much worse than previously thought and she was rushed to the Royal Bolton Hospital for urgent treatment.
Doctors were able to save the limb and the 59-year-old is now recovering but the family have received a bill for £3,500 which they cannot afford.
However, for Mr Ohiobugie and his family, there is no question of not paying this bill despite their fincanicl (sic) troubles.
No question, haters! This family doesn't live off the generosity of others!
He has now turned to campaigning site GoFundMe in the hope that charitable individuals will donate to help with his mother’s cause.
*rolls eyes*

H/T: BannedCow via Twitter


Feral said...

The bloody cheek of it. This woman should not have been allowed to travel with a serious leg wound. She obviously knew how bad it was. I see the family has a car so selling that would be a start. They will also save on petrol, tax and insurance. So a good start to paying off the debt. It's a good job you've pointed this out Julia. I hope people are not stupid enough to donate. Let that be a lesson.

Anonymous said...

No entry without comprehensive insurance including repatriation expenses.

JuliaM said...

"This woman should not have been allowed to travel with a serious leg wound."

You think Nigerian Airlines care about things like that?

"No entry without comprehensive insurance including repatriation expenses."

That'll cut down on a lot of London tourism!