Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Perhaps We Should Replace The Expression 'Putting A Fox In Charge Of A Henhouse'...

...with 'Putting a Nigerian in charge of an expense account':
Details from a Freedom of Information by FE Week request show her extensive spending over the course of four years included two days in London, during which time she spent almost £1,100.
That included a stay at the £280-a-night Hilton Hotel in Bloomsbury, paying an extra £33.25 for room service at the four-star venue, and a night at the five-star Conrad St James hotel in Westminster at a cost of £369 for the room and £16 for an 'accommodation supplement'.
Using the credit card with a £20,000 limit, she also splashed out on a lavish meal at Michelin-starred restaurant Quilon, where the night ended with a £356 bill at 11.22pm, which included £111 drinks.
This despite her warning that the 2019/20 budget would be the 'hardest for many years', because 'There was a very limited safety net if cash ran out.'

Perhaps that should have been 'when the cash ran out'!
Receipts, released following the FoI request by FE Week, revealed Ms Mbubaegbu also spent £434.86 on Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H8 headphones and £302 on books including one about financial management.
Well, at least she has a sense of humour, then!
...the college has been forced to axe its A-Level department, with 20 jobs lost as it focused on practical courses such as bricklaying.
It is also embroiled in legal battle with the Nigerian state after it sunk £1.4million into an education project, during her tenure, which did not work out.
I know, I'm shocked too!


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