Thursday, 19 September 2019

Fine, I Sentence Her To Live Next Door To You For Two Years...

Gerard Kinch, mitigating for Ms Lester, said: "I accept yes this was annoying but I do not see this so bad that it warrants a custodial sentence.
"I don't set out to minimise the behaviour but I would not say it was the worst behaviour of its kind.
"Ms Lester has a problem with alcohol. Fearing the prospect of losing her flat prompted her to consume too much alcohol."
The usual excuses. The usual bluster and empty threat from the magistrate:
Magistrate Timothy Harrison said: "These are persistent and wilful breaches of court orders.
"On 9 January, you were given a order by this court. And yet on the 15 January you were again creating a disturbance.
"The order would have been very fresh and you would have been warned.
"For each of the breaches, this does pass the custody threshold."
Great! So, she's going inside?
Lester was handed a six months prison sentence, suspended for 12 months.
Mr Harrison added: "Let me be clear. If you create a disturbance and are brought back to court, the prison sentence will be activated and you will go inside."
Well, what's the likelihood of th..

Lester, wearing a black and white printed top and a mid-length mini skirt, yelled "But I am not a violent person!" as she received her sentence.
Does that not count as 'a disturbance'? Apparently not.

But why should Timothy worry, since he probably isn't her neighbour?

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