Monday, 6 April 2020

Meet The New Boss....

...simultaneously very different from the old boss, and also not much better.


MTG said...

Starmer...a name I find impossible to pronounce without spitting.

The handle of the treacherous head of CPS, whose infamous protection of the worst plod condoned murder in police custody.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure he will be gutted he hasn't got your support Melvin.

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon, WC Jaded. What a lovely sunny day for dyeing water courses and issuing penalty tickets.

Your fears for Mr Starmer's support are needless, dear. Naturally, I would have preferred to see a Lammy/Abbott partnership but the Starmer option serves as consolation in default of the dream pair heading Labour.

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon Melvin. A lovely afternoon for staring out of the care home window and sneering at the lower classes.

I actually agree with you for once, I would have loved to see Lammy and Abbott running the Labour party.


JuliaM said...

"The handle of the treacherous head of CPS..."

That's the one!