Wednesday 26 January 2011

I Think I Need A Junior Version Of My Tag…

A teenage girl has been convicted of falsely claiming she was raped after having sex with a 14-year-old boy in his bedroom.

The teenager claimed she was attacked when she was 15 after the boy ‘nagged’ her to sleep with him during a game of ‘truth or dare’.

He was arrested by police and held overnight but denied rape and was freed without charge.
And normally, that’d be the end of it. But it seems the police are on a bit of a roll with the false rape stuff lately:
Instead police charged the girl, now 16, with making a false allegation to pervert the course of justice – despite both children being under the age of consent.
I bet the femiloons are going to get their knickers in a twist over this!

And right on cue:
Rape campaigners yesterday criticised the decision to charge the girl.

Lisa Longstaff, from Women Against Rape, said: ‘It is awful that a girl so young has been prosecuted in this way.’
It’s not ‘awful’ that a girl so young is playing sex games with another youngster and then, when things get too complicated, alleges he committed a crime? And is believed to the point where another child is arrested?

How the hell did we ever get to this point?


Mark Wadsworth said...

Nah, use the same tag or it gets too complicated.

Anonymous said...

I was a police officer for thirty years. When we got a complaint like this we got both sets of parents (there used to be a total of four persons in those days) and told them everything that we knew. Then we let them sort it.
It wasn't our job to deal with under-aged kids unless there was real evidence of violence etc.

Mark said...

Anon 22.32- getting the parents to 'sort things out' worked when the 'age of consent' was supplemented by a stigma attaching both to underage sexual activity itself, and the possible consequences if a pregnancy resulted. No such stigma has been attached (at least when both parties are under age)for a generation.

Some 'communities' in the UK do continue to regard illicit sexual conduct (by underage girls at least), as taboo- with the result that young men from these same 'communities' often look elsewhere for illicit sex- as has recently been well publicised.

JuliaM said...

Mark's right, getting the parents together was also a lot easier when they were likely to be married or at least living together. Now?

Anonymous said...

fucking yeah, execute her, she is the product of a fucked up society that thinks that all men and boys are evil. fuck that, selfish, innocent my arse, irresposible usless twat, irradicate this leach before she fucks up someone else's son's life.

is it cus she wanted some sweets?!?

Anonymous said...

This almost seems inspired by one of those noxious government information films in reverse. Policing was very much as Anon describes, though this doesn't mean we were getting it right or better than now.
We seem to have more and more 'sexuality' along with some kind of moral confusion based on prudery.

Anonymous said...

"Some 'communities' in the UK do continue to regard illicit sexual conduct (by underage girls at least), as taboo"

No they don't they fuck them as young as six.