Saturday 8 January 2011

Suddenly, Police Are In Favour Of Warnings Before Enforcement Action After All!

Until now all six eviction operations at the illegal Hovefields site, Wickford, have been unannounced and there has been minimal resistance from protesters.

However, a number of the agencies involved in planning the clearance of the Dale Farm have suggested the 96 families should be notified in advance of the day they will be booted off.
And if you think that's so jaw-droppingly stupid an idea, it must be mandated in law somewhere, well, no, actually:
Legally Basildon Council has to give travellers a 28-day notice period before an eviction, but not the exact date it will happen.
Clearly, this doesn't please the usual suspects. Not one little bit.

Oh, the traveller's representatives are up in arms, the Labour councillors are brandishing their Shields of Diversity and Swords of Progressiveness, Rajagopal and Susan Craig-Green will no doubt be assembling the yellow ribbons and contacting the press, and the police are insisting that the equivalent of 'Ready? Steady? Go!' is shouted befo...

Wait, what?
However, a source close to the planning of the eviction said: “The police want the date to be announced in advance. There are concerns with so many children at the site, if it happens out of the blue, they could be at school and then come home to find their homes have gone.”


Yeah, I had to stop and read that again too.

So, the police who only a day or so ago were pursuing (with grim determination) some poor sod who warned other motorists of impending enforcement action are now queuing up to ensure that other offenders get enough notice of same to ensure that they have enough people on hand to ensure a really good ruck?

Even though that puts their own front-line men at greater risk as a result?
Grattan Puxon, a campaigner for the travellers, has previously asked the council to announce the date in advance and is seeking people to take part in peaceful protests, including a human shield, should the eviction go ahead.
An spokesman for Essex Police said it was working with the council, but it was down to the council to make a decision.
It seems you are already making a decision, doesn't it? That the safety of your own staff comes well behind the desire to be seen to be politically correct and encouragingly diverse...


Furor Teutonicus said...

XX the Labour councillors are brandishing their Shields of Diversity and Swords of Progressiveness,XX

And "The shield and sword of the State" were.....the K.G.B.

How deliciously apt.

As to "pre warning", they are not willing to do it in Afghanistan, because it could be dangerous to the police....sorry ARMY, but it is O.K to do it to the army....sorry POLICE in the U.K?

JuliaM said...

Boggles the mind, doesn't it?