Tuesday 25 January 2011

Music Hath Charms….

..though I didn’t think that applied to this sort of music:
Walter, 13, was walking home from the school bus stop in the town of Rakkestad, Norway, to his farmhouse home when the wolves appeared.

He said: ‘I thought at first it was the neighbour’s dogs, but then as I got nearer I saw their yellow eyes and their fangs.’
And their general wolf-type appearance. And lack of collars saying ‘Fido’…
‘The worst thing you can do is turn and flee. So I pulled out my phone, turned it on to the loudest setting, and played them Creed. The wolves looked baffled, then they simply turned and trotted off.’
Can’t blame them! Mind you, kid was lucky he didn’t have any JLS on there, it might have prompted an attack.

And why was a young lad walking alone through wolf country?
His mother told the local paper that she was going to pick her son up from school because she knew there were wolves in the area, but she got carried away shopping, German newspaper Der Spiegel reported.


Anonymous said...

but, *splutter*Cough* but what were the lcoal council/govt doing about the wolves? Why hasn't the mother been taken into custody and young Valter into care? SOMETHING MUST BE DONE

Angry Exile said...

Somebody get Ben Douglas a comb and paper, quick! That fox could come back any day.

Clarissa said...

Dammit, ranter beat me to it. :(

Captain Haddock said...

Ha .. Wolves indeed !

Dennis & Gnasher would soon have put paid to sissy Walter & his poxy mobile ..

JuliaM said...

"but, *splutter*Cough* but what were the lcoal council/govt doing about the wolves?"

And we worry about the nebulous threat or paedophiles, or other (armed) kids...

"Somebody get Ben Douglas a comb and paper, quick! "