Friday 28 January 2011

Fare’s Fair….

A Muslim family say they were “singled out” by a Bournemouth bus driver.

The mother, who does not speak English, and daughter – both were wearing headscarves – and two sons, said they tried to purchase a family ticket on the number 2b bus when the problems began.

The family, who asked not to be named to prevent further problems, said the driver became “irate”.
And what seemed to be the problem, then?
The 16-year-old daughter of the family said the argument began when she was told a family ticket was £9, when the week before it had been £7.
It’s called ‘inflation’ – I’m sure it happens in Muslim countries too…
“He spoke to me in a very rude tone, I was shocked,” she said.

She then tried to purchase individual tickets, but she and the driver again disagreed over the cost.

“He turned the engine off and he said ‘Let’s make these people wait and be later than they are’. He got to the point where he was really angry, so I said we would just get off the bus,” said the daughter.
And this obviously meant you were ‘singled out’ because you were Muslim, rather than because you were the only ones quibbling over the price rise?
The daughter added: “Me and my mum were wearing headscarves and he didn’t do it to anyone else, just us.”
But did anyone else start haggling over the price? If so, and if they weren’t treated the way you claim you were treated, you might just have a case.

But if not
The family said they felt singled out, embarrassed, and victims of a “hate crime”.
Of course you did. Or rather, of course you’ll use this as another example of ‘poor little me’…
Jenni Wilkinson, Yellow Buses’ head of marketing, said: “We have fully investigated this incident, which arose over the cost of a family ticket. We are absolutely satisfied that no racism was involved and strenuously deny any such suggestion.

“We do, however, feel that the high standards of customer care our passengers expect were not met on this occasion and, for this reason, disciplinary action has been taken against the driver involved. We have also apologised to the family.”
As usual, the comments are most illuminating:
GB916, christchurch says...

If the mother could be bothered to learn english,then she and her family would realise yelow buses announced recently that the bus fares were going up,so the bus driver was only telling them that,but as usual out comes the race card...
Of course, there’s always one:
Adamapple, Harrow says...

12 replies and not one sympathetic to a poor family's ordeal.

Welcome to Bigoted Britain 2011.
I guess you must be a dining companion of Baroness Warsi, Adamapple..?


PT said...

Obviously the trouble was down to the bus company. Had they but taken the trouble to employ Muslims as drivers and ensure that interpreters were available for all potential passengers, and charged lower fares for Muslims, then this unpleasantness could have been avoided.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Have you done this one yet?

dr cromarty said...

Which victim card wins in this case?

I'm surprised the BBC reported it.

blueknight said...

Which victim card wins in this case?

Yes, let's see what The Guardian CIF make of that one. I will be sitting back with a large carton of popcorn and a fizzy drink enjoying the show....

Woman on a Raft said...

I've ordered some sandbags to go with the popcorn and beer.

Proud Englishman said...

Bloody muslims. I don't see why the hard working people of the UK should have to put up with these useless scroungers. Out, all of them I say.

nightlurker said...

I have worked for yellow busses and I can tell you that ANY complaint no matter how stupid will result inthe driver getting a bollocking and loose pay. As you can see they did not find any reason for this complainr except the driver "did not meet their standards of customer care". The company does NOT have any standard of customer care they treat everyone like cattle. But it's another chance to kick the driver.

JuliaM said...

"...then this unpleasantness could have been avoided."


"Have you done this one yet?"

Oh yes! Cheers. It's cued up for next week.

"Which victim card wins in this case?"

Interesting times, no? I'll be joining Blueknight and WoaR with the popcorn.

"I have worked for yellow busses and I can tell you that ANY complaint no matter how stupid will result inthe driver getting a bollocking and loose pay."

That's a pity. I was hoping the reference to 'disciplinary action' was one intended just to bat off complaints...