Monday, 17 January 2011

Whatever You Do…

…don’t ask for an extra chocolate on your pillow!
Three women convicted for murder have been employed at the same branch of a popular hotel chain.
And you thought all you had to worry about was bumping into Lenny Henry!
Linda White, 55, a guest room cleaner, stabbed her ex-partner John Sandilands to death after a row.

Pat Bulmer, 48, who works as a receptionist, lured her husband Robert to be knifed to death by her lover so she could claim over £30,000 from his life insurance policy.

Julie Richardson, 42, also a cleaner at the hotel, scalded her own father with a red-hot iron before battering him to death with two accomplices.
Sweethearts, I’m sure you’ll agree….
The trio applied for the jobs at the hotel branch in Piccadilly, York, while serving sentences at Askham Grange Prison as part of a scheme to get offenders into jobs soon after they are released.
That’s nice. I bet Travelodge uses it in their advertising, since they are so proud of it.

Oh, wait. It seems they don’t:
Travelodge spokesman Jon Hendry-Pickup defended his company's decision to employ the ladies.

He said: 'The workers from the rehabilitation programme are constantly assessed and have proven to be dedicated and hard-working individuals.'
I’m sure they have.

And I’m sure if they weren’t, their managers would have given them a bad job review and imposed disciplinary measures without a second thought, or a nervous glance behind them in the car park after shift close.

Wouldn’t they..?


Angry Exile said...

What's that, Mother? Yes, I'm well. I've been given a job in an HR department. Apparently my experience of running the motel will be useful.

You make sure you don't bring in any strange girls. I won't have it, d'you hear?

No, mother, I won't. Some will be working there though, but they're sent home when they're finished... finished with... finished with... the guests.

That's nice, dear.

James Higham said...

Adds an edge to that relaxing break away.

Captain Haddock said...

You can just see the latest Ad campaign for this "popular hotel chain" (so beloved of illicit bonkers .. allegedly) can't you ?

"People are simply dying to book one of our rooms" ... or

"You wouldn't wanna be seen dead anywhere else" ...

Anonymous said...

New Travelodge strapline:

"Accommodation to die for!"

English Viking said...

I know I'm getting monotonous, but if we'd shot them in head upon conviction, they wouldn't need rehabilitating and we could save oodles of cash to boot.

Anonymous said...

Makes one want to start a charity that places guns rather than Bibles in bedside drawers!

JuliaM said...

"What's that, Mother?..."


"Adds an edge to that relaxing break away."

Mmm, more like an adventure holiday!

"Makes one want to start a charity that places guns rather than Bibles in bedside drawers!"


richard said...

Have to disagree. Debt to society repaid, now law-abiding citizens, prison should reform as well as punish. Not likely to murder the guests, and a minisule body-count compared to certain MPs, like (allegedly!) Martin McGuinness and the Labour war cabinet (not allegedly).

The King of Wrong said...

I'm still wondering how you batter someone to death with two accomplices... unless they were really short and she was using one of them as a club...