Wednesday 12 January 2011

Hey, Officer Dhas….

…if you’ve any bullets left, how about giving these cretins two in the chest?
Once people realised the animal was a leopard they panicked and chaos reigned.

‘There was pandemonium like we've never witnessed before,’ said one woman.

The animal managed to sneak into an empty house, but locals upset him by throwing rocks through the doors and windows.
Top drawer animal management there! I'm so delighted we UK taxpayers give these people billions in aid...

And the authorities weren’t any better:
Local police turned up and fired two rounds in the air to scare the leopard.

‘When this did not help, they used sticks and stones to attack the leopard,’ said another villager who watched the drama that lasted over 30 minutes.


Hogdayafternoon said...

Was the cat on a hot tin roof the bloke in the bar's wife finding him cheating on her? Was the leopard actually her fur coat? Is this another police cover up? Is that a carefully posed picture? (well, yes it obviously is, but I'm trying to sex it all up on account of that knock-kneed pose with his stick, normally used to help old ladies cross the road more quickly, clamped between his legs,). What a tragic loss of a wild animal.

Ancient and Tattered Airman said...

Revolver? What revolves in a semi-automatic pistol? Answers to me please on clean £50 notes.

JuliaM said...

"What a tragic loss of a wild animal."

Indeed. And so totally unnecessary.

"Revolver? What revolves in a semi-automatic pistol? "

'Mail' must be getting it's subbing done by the 'Telegraph' staff too!