Monday 17 January 2011

Is This Only A Problem In Essex?

A council decision to give similar names to roads in one area has led to fears drivers could become confused.
What are they planning to call them, then?
Labour councillors have questioned a decision by the Tory-controlled council to name a new road leading into Markhams Chase in Laindon, ‘Markhams Close’.

In addition, a new row of houses on the Markhams Chase estate would be named ‘Markhams Terrace’.

This would lead to three “Markhams” in the same area.
Christ! How will people cope..?

Especially in Essex, where it seems people can’t read!


Dominic said...

To be fair to us in the rest of Essex, this is Basildon (worse still, Laindon), which really is the pits culturally, intellectually and socially. Walking around there (almost) makes Dagenham look civilised!

The poor wee things will be confused, not least because the local scrotes will have nicked, vandalized or otherwise made unreadable the signs within a week of them going up

Woodsy42 said...

On the other hand any naming system should be designed to avoid confusion and be easily recognisable, that is after all the entire point of giving them names!

Anonymous said...

If I was in charge of Laindon council, I'd invite Al Qaeda round for a chat.

Kevin B said...

I live in Blah Blah Road. Recently they built a Blah Blah Close branching off Blah Blah Road. No-one gets lost, (or if they do they quickly find out the difference between a close and a road).

However, I often get letters adressed to X Blah Blah Close, so when I take them up the road to the close, I can pick up my letters that our postie has delivered to the wrong house.

This is not too much of a problem since no-one sends me money, only bills, but my sister's Xmas card still hasn't turned up.

Moggs Tigerpaw said...

How come it is ok to be mean about Essex? Don't forget you can get socialist Councillors and probably health & safety too... almost anywhere in the UK.

Jonathan Miller said...

look up LS5 3JL on google maps, and realise that Essex has it easy.

English Viking said...


The sign in my old haunt were unreadable from day one; they were mostly in Arabic!

JuliaM said...

"Walking around there (almost) makes Dagenham look civilised! "

And that's saying something!

"How come it is ok to be mean about Essex?"

Because I'm an Essex girl... ;)

Anonymous said...

A certain area in Essex has issued a fatarse, and declared jiheadbut upon you!

Harry's snackbar!