Wednesday, 17 August 2016

"But He Loves His Mum..."

Warren Fenty lost his cool after cross words with the other customer, who was later sectioned under the Mental Health Act, at lunchtime.
As the 19-year-old's mum was ushering him out of the Trowbridge HSBC he slipped past her and ran at the other man. During the shocking scuffle, caught on the branch's CCTV, he picked up an elderly man's walking stick and wielded it at the other man.
After leaving the Fore Street bank he was arrested coming back while armed with a lock knife, assaulting a policeman in the struggle.
What a lovely example of modern youth...
Cathy Thornton, defending, said he had gone to the bank with his mum to get a new debit card when an issue developed between him and the other man.
She said he was annoyed at the way the other man had spoken to his mum and wanted to let him know.
He got the knife and returned as he wanted to ensure his mum was safe, she said, and never got it out.
Hey, we've all been there, right?
Passing sentence Recorder Malcolm Gibney said: "Miss Thornton urges upon me that you are polite, respectful and remorseful.
"You were everything but on March 29 this year when in the Trowbridge branch of HSBC attacking another man: a man who it turns out has mental health problems, in circumstances where you may have been verbally provoked.
"It is clear from the CCTV footage you were the aggressor. Despite the best efforts of your mother to leave the bank you forced your way past her, went back, and challenged the other gentleman."
18 months! He won't serve it all, of course...

H/T: @MavisStott via Twitter


Antisthenes said...

If the Mental Health act scope was widened a smidgen I have a feeling many of our yoof today would be sectioned as well. Nearly every misdemeanour, criminal act and aggressive behaviour these days is asked to be forgiven because of a health problem. Only the few who cannot think one up quickly enough end up being punished properly. My answer is to turn crime itself into a health problem under the Mental Health act and anyone who commits a crime is sectioned until they are no longer a threat to society and will not commit anymore crime.

Turn all prisons into mental hospitals adding new ones as their population will grow considerably. The benefits of course safer streets, no youth unemployment that currently is being kept low by sending them to study for useless degrees and a much simplified justice system. Whats not to like? Don't answer that because you lot will find plenty especially the softhearted and classical liberals(a species that I profess to belong to but not when it comes to crime) as opposed to modern liberals who I would define as authoritarian progressives(they would be against anyone going to jail unless they were white males).

JuliaM said...

"If the Mental Health act scope was widened a smidgen I have a feeling many of our yoof today would be sectioned as well. "