Thursday, 18 August 2016

God Help The Three Children....

The attack started after Mr Fearne walked past the Baker home "tipsy", the judge was told.
He and Baker started shouting and swearing at each other with several members of the Baker family joining against Mr Fearne’s "returning fire".
Baker then went into his house and returned armed with scissors.
Believing it was a knife, Mr Fearne fled, only for Baker and his 19-year-old brother, Connor, to give chase into Lawrance Square...
Bet you're glad these wastes of oxygen aren't your neighbours..!
Baker claimed he grabbed the scissors after Mr Fearne threatened him with a broken bottle.
"He reacted while trying to protect his family while being threatened with a broken bottle," said Adrian Rohard, defending.
"Where he went wrong was he continued to chase Mr Fearne.
“If he hadn't chased after him he wouldn't be here today."
Well, ummm, yes, that's very true!
Baker was expelled from school at 14 and has previous convictions for assault, battery and possession of an offensive weapon.
And it has sired three children. God help us all.


James Higham said...

Yes, the patter of new little Baker feet will soon grace the community.

JuliaM said...