Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Quote Of The Month

DumbJon back on top form, with this salient advice for the next time Hollywood gets it into its head that feminist vehicles are the way to go:
"And it gets even better:
Despite allegations of sexism, the film performed exceptionally well amongst women. As The Hollywood Reporter reveals: “The biggest surprise in terms of audience makeup was the strong turnout among females, who made up 46 percent of Friday’s audience, according to exit poling service CinemaScore. That’s unusual for a superhero film.”
Who knew? Young girls would rather identify with sexy and funny characters doing cool stuff, than with a herd of Bitchapotamus with permanent PMT."


Anonymous said...

Am now waiting for the feminist version of 'Taxi Driver' with Theresa Bickle muttering, "You whistling at me?"

JuliaM said...

Argh! Don't give them ideas! Lena Dunham is probably lined up for the role as I type... :)