Friday, 19 August 2016

I'm Shocked, Shocked..!

Opening the facts of the case against Lampe, RSPCA prosecutor Roger Price told the court she committed the offence at her sister's house in Church Stretton, Shropshire, after drinking seven cans of lager and shots of amaretto and whisky. hear that alcohol played a part in this!
Lampe was granted unconditional bail to return for sentence on August 18.
She'll get off with little or no punishment. Sadly, reptiles aren't seen as worthy of sympathy or protection from fat chavs the way puppies or kittens are....

Update: I penned this post a while ago, but I'm not astonished to find I pegged it correctly.


Anonymous said...


The best thing for her would be a secure unit, the normal thought process even when pissed, would be to take the snakes to the RSPCA and not behead if your going to be made homeless. Imagine if she ever spawned, has an argument with the partner and then decapitates the children on the grounds that they were going to split up.

Ted Treen said...

'Reptiles' are well protected - by the CPS, usually.

@Bunny -in your scenario, decapitation of the spawn of such a creature would probably be a positive move...

JuliaM said...

"The best thing for her would be a secure unit..."

We'll be seeing her name again, mark my words.

"'Reptiles' are well protected - by the CPS, usually."