Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Stand On This Cliff, Chum, I'll Give You The Push You Need..!

Bob Collins, 62, from Southend, decided to get fit after discovering his body mass index was “through the roof”.
Good man!
He started a fitness programme with Southend Council’s Get Healthy Hub. He was offered 12 weeks of subsidised sessions at Southend Leisure and Tennis Centre and 12 weeks of public health-funded weight management sessions.
Wait, hang on. I'm paying for this?
The retired builder said: “It was fantastic to be given this opportunity.
“Overeating is a vicious circle and I needed a push to change my lifestyle.
“I found the discussion groups at the weight-management sessions very useful and I have also benefited from the advice of a personal trainer.”
I'm paying for you to chat to people..? FFS!


Antisthenes said...

If you legalise theft then do not be surprised what is done with that stolen money. Of course we could change the law so that all theft was illegal but unfortunately those who have been given licence to steal have made it impossible to change the law. They have done it by the simple expedient of legalising bribery for just them as well. They steal money then Robin Hood like they redistribute some of it in a way that there will never be enough votes to criminalise their actions. They have even legalised counterfeiting. It's not called that it's called QE. The left would like to broaden that approach and they would call that PQE. You can not bring charges against these thieves but they can against you if you resist being robbed.

Anonymous said...

Did I miss a trick then? When I got my diabetes diagnosis and was advised by the medical people to get fit I just got on with it. It just never occurred to me to apply for freebies from the government. It's now three years later and I've just done a half ironman.


Lynne at Counting Cats said...

All it would take to give advice is five seconds.

Stop stuffing your face!

Anonymous said...

When the good people (if you can find them) in Southend come to elect their next set of freebie loving parasites, or Councillors as they are known elsewhere, perhaps they should query why, when libraries are being closed, community centres religiously radicalized, and school crossing patrols cancelled through lack of funds, they allow such actions as this. But then it's not their money is it? If it was, chummy would be told to push off as it's his responsibility to sort his lifestyle out himself, which is what it should be.

Anonymous said...

You seem to have got it all wrong.
That personal trainer needs a job and the council provided it. Most jobs these days are designed to provide employment not benefit.
If you start doing things yourself you will be sabotaging society.

Anonymous said...

By all means employ a personal trainer, just don't expect other people to pay for that service.

JuliaM said...

"The left would like to broaden that approach and they would call that PQE."

I prefer to keep things simple, and call it 'larceny'.

"...I just got on with it. It just never occurred to me to apply for freebies from the government."

Luckily, it doesn't occur to a lot of people. The trouble is, that percentage is shrinking.

"But then it's not their money is it?"

Spot on! So they'll never care.