Thursday, 29 June 2017

Now They Are Actually Boasting About It!

Office manager Sophie Franklin, 30, from Basildon, splashed out nearly £38,000 on her company debit card - spending the cash on designer clothes, make-up, and sunglasses for her and her friends.
Inner London Crown Court heard that she spent £7,000 on taxis and more than £14,000 on mobile phones and bills between January 2014 and August 2016 while working for Circle Square Agency, based in Bermondsey, south east London.
She also splashed out more than £1,500 on flights and hotels abroad including to Rome, St Lucia and Hong Kong. Money was also spent on Apple products and theatre tickets - all at the company’s expense.
Her fraud only came to light after she left for a new job and her replacement began to cross check and audit invoices which Franklin had been responsible for. The court heard the total loss to the company, including the cost of the audit, was £37,997.
Yes, yes, the company should have had some form of control, clearly. But even so...
She was jailed for 18 months, suspended for two years, after pleading guilty to one count of fraud.
After taking her plea at a previous hearing, Judge Owen Davies QC told her: “I hate sending to prison women who have not been to prison before and who have been convicted for the first time of a criminal offence.
They aren't even trying to hide it any more, are they?
“It seems to me that £38,000 is a lot of money and as demonstrated to me today is not uncommon.”


Pcar said...

Judicial system is as infested with wet Left/Lib mob as every other public sector, quango, ngo & charity.

Police & Judiciary mainly punishes those who do not adhere to Feminist PC Multiculti doctrine.

orthish said...

I am with the Judge on this, partly because she paid it back, but also
Gaol is there to
1,Punish- well shes already lost any reasonable chance of a good job as well as her reputation, this matters more now as its all over the net.
2,Show an example to others- why would anyone copy her when she gained nothing but a criminal record.
3,Rehabilitate- it usually has the opposite effect, a couple of bad-lads from round here went to HMYOI and came back unredeemable scumbags.
4,Make the law-abiding feel good about themselves-who gives a f.

It's saving tax money and freeing gaol space, and yes, I would think the same if it was a bloke

However, I would also leave the sentence suspended for the rest of her life and if she appeared before the court again, she would lose a hand. Just kidding.

JuliaM said...

"Police & Judiciary mainly punishes those who do not adhere to Feminist PC Multiculti doctrine."

It's becoming more and more evident.

"Just kidding."

Then she'd get disability allowance!