Monday, 5 June 2017

"Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?"

The Echo can now reveal that a year-long cold case review by a crack team of former senior homicide detectives has led to the Met Police becoming involved in the probe.
Yes, it's still ongoing:
Mr Balkwell, 70, said new evidence came to light after a successful High Court action in December that forced Essex Police to hand over documents from the original investigation. These were passed to detectives at the Essex-based TM-Eye detective agency, who had already spent six months reviewing the case. Mr Balkwell and the agency’s boss Dave McKelvey met with Police and Crime Commissioner Roger Hirst on March 17 to discuss the case.
Mr Hirst is understood to have ordered Chief Constable Stephen Kavanagh to take action, prompting a request for assistance from the Met.
Mr Balkwell, were he anything other than fishbelly white and from Essex, would no doubt be showered with honours and feted on tv, with hard-hitting documentaries made about him....
Mr Kavanagh is already the subject of a misconduct probe by Devon and Cornwall Police into allegations, made by Mr Balkwell, that the force has failed to investigate claims of police corruption linked to Lee’s murder.


MTG said...

ignotum per ignotius.

Andrew Scarborough said...

Contrupuerunt iumenta autem malum. I cheated, aint the interest good? Sometimes it is just one rotten apple which taints the rest. After South Yorkshire Police, and Essex too, serially buggering things up I begin to wonder just how many bad fruits there are.

JuliaM said...

"I cheated, aint the interest good?"