Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Personally, I Thought The Problem Was Getting Them To Shut Up...

Kierran Pearce has set his goals high - he wants every child in the country to have their voice heard.
Christ, I don't!
Helping mainstream and special schools across Essex integrate has never been enough and he is determined to roll his project out on a bigger scale. The Multi Schools Council is the brainchild of the primary school teacher, who works at the Edith Borthwick special school in Braintree. Founded in 2012, the project allows pupils to discuss ideas to bring down barriers for children with special needs.
Ah, I see.
The Multi Schools Council is open to all schools and Kierran wanted to reinforce the point there are still many people who see children with additional needs as different.
Well, yes. They are. They have special needs.
On the scheme’s website, Toby from Doucecroft School echoes the views of Mr Pearce. He says: “I hope me and other people with autism all have the same privileges and pleasures to roam this earth and have the same rights as everyone else.”
You do.
“Please show patience and understanding, because we are all the same inside.”
You aren't. Clearly.


Anonymous said...

Well ramps work well for the wheelchair set, why shouldn't dumbing down education work for this lot?

JuliaM said...

Good point!