Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Yet More Evidence That Society Has Changed Irrevocably...

The zoo said on Monday: “After extensive consultation with the staff at the zoo, we have decided not to put down the tiger. This decision has been fully supported by Rosa’s family.
“We are awaiting the findings of the investigation to fully understand what happened before we take further action on this matter. If we receive regulatory or professional guidance to the contrary, we will review our position.”
Andrew Swales should have his license to run a zoo removed immediately if this was even considered as an option. Particularly if the thought was uppermost in his mind that it might be appropriate to consider - much less act on - the feelings of the family in this matter.

But it;'s yet another sign of the 'Dianafication' of society, which now seems to think that exaggeration of grief and open displays of mawkish sentimentality is the norm. Even to the point that destroying a healthy zoo specimen, one moreover from a critically endangered species, might be considered as some grotesque form of 'atonement' for procedural errors.


Andrew Scarborough said...

Being an old git I have some old memories, some of which might be unsound and most of which would be incorrect. Am I correct in thinking that a tiger acquiring a taste for human flesh would be put down as soon as possible? Hence the term; man-eater. This case calls for a small bag of popcorn, I would dearly love to hear more details as to how this accident happened.

JuliaM said...

Yes, indeed. But that was in the wild, and not a zoo situation. Quite a difference.