Thursday, 29 June 2017

Quote Of The Month - Election Edition

Tom Paine at 'The Last Ditch' pinpoints the true failure:
I take no satisfaction in having been right about the unnecessary election of June 2017. The voters punished Mrs May for putting party before country. In their ire they came close to inflicting upon us all a government Communist in all but name. We had a narrow escape. I was in New York and watched the result through the eyes of a baffled America that wants to like us but just can't help seeing us as has beens with baffling delusions of grandeur.
About the only lesson that everyone (but Mrs May) can agree upon is that she is an idiot. She's a dead woman walking and it's only gracious to avert our pitying gaze.


Anonymous said...

It would be instructive to see how the rest of Europe regard us. I imagine we are now regarded with bewilderment and condescension on the continent, rather like the embarrassing drunk relative at a wedding.
Are you happy that Brexit is the hands of David Davis? See today's Times for details of how he is regarded by UK business and the other EU nations, it does not inspire confidence as he is described as only hearing what he wants hear, arrogant and condescending. What was it he promised? Something about the start of negotiations being the 'fight of the summer'. He caved in on the sequencing of the talks on day one. As I said I voted remain but it is down to the government to make a success of Brexit. Davis also said something along the lines of Brexit 'being more complicated than the moon landings', well NASA had a large team of very clever scientists and engineers as well as Dr Werner Von Braun, we have Dr Liam Fox. You will excuse me if I think that the negotiations for leaving the EU are in less than capable hands at the moment.
I still believe there will be a very large s**t and fan interface when people realise that in all likelihood Brexit has not improved their lot.
I really hope I'm wrong.

Pcar said...

@Retired, 29 June 2017 at 13:03

The correct procedure is:

Don't negotiate.

Leave EU, CFP, EUCHR, ECJ etc and make clear we want to be friends, but not family.

Next: zero import tariffs.

No "divorce bill", no wasted time and money.

Let EU sort out their own problems when they don't have our £11 Billion pa "donation".

Anonymous said...

Yes, what could possibly go wrong?

JuliaM said...

"It would be instructive to see how the rest of Europe regard us."

We're English. Why should we care what Johnny Foreigner thinks?

"Yes, what could possibly go wrong?"

Do tell, Retired. What's wrong with 'Take it or leave it' as a bargaining position, when the person being told that has more to lose?