Thursday, 27 June 2019

I Thought Charity Began At Home..?

Leftover food from Tesco branches in Bow and Barking are being used to feed...
Hard up pensioners? Workers on minimum wage? Struggling single mothers on Universal Credit? The homeless?
...needy refugees and migrants in Newham.
Ruth Bravery, chief executive of The Renewal Programme, said: "Food is so important. The refugees and migrants we work with have no recourse to public funds and so do not have the money to cover their daily living needs."
That's not true, is it?

Free housing, and more money than they'd probably have in their countries of origin!
Tesco's head of community Alec Brown added: "I would invite any group that thinks they could benefit from the scheme to contact FareShare, as we have the capacity to help even more good causes."
I've listed a few above. Why aren't they first in your mind?

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