Tuesday, 18 June 2019

"I See Your Mice Infestation, And Raise You...Ants!"

Kayley Chapman, 22, and her partner have been living with daughter Ruby, five, and two-month-old baby Scarlett in a one bedroom flat in Whitehawk, Brighton, since February.
She said her daughter’s room is unsuitable, the stairs are impacting on her health, and one ant infestation was so bad, the insects were crawling over her baby’s crib.
Ah, the modern way of pressuring the council to rehouse you - go to the local rag with a sob story Stevie Wonder could see through...
The young mother said: “When we told the temporary accommodation people that this flat was unsuitable they told us that if we didn’t take it we would be homeless.
“And we wouldn’t get any help from the council whatsoever.
“The way we have been treated by the council is utterly disgusting.”
They've put a roof over your head. Yes, that is pretty disgusting, say all the taxpayers working their fingers to the bone so you can outbreed your situation.
Kayley said her daughter Ruby’s room is unsuitable and she has to sleep next to a boiler. Plus there is a false window from the toilet which looks into her bedroom.
Oh noes! Oh, the horror! Peter Rachman was never so callous!
Ms Chapman told a council official that the room was so small that her daughter would not have enough space for a wardrobe.
Ms Chapman said she is asthmatic and is currently recovering from haemorrhaging during pregnancy.
She added that having to fold up her daughter’s buggy to navigate the stairs a number of times each day is making both conditions worse.
Maybe she should have considered that before breeding?
Ms Chapman says the council has ignored her concerns and “have an answer for everything.”
She added: “We just want somewhere inappropriate (sic) and for the council to take into consideration that we have difficulties.”
Which are entirely of your own making. Why should the council care?


Penseivat said...

I don't suppose she has considered asking the errant sperm donor for help?

Feral said...

This is why children at school need to be taught life skills. If they are taught self reliance and discipline at secondary school there will be less people on the council's waiting lists. I would say it's a parents job to do this, but there's an awful lot that are clueless. This is where schools can intervene.

selsey.steve said...

Entitlement Syndrome, much?

JuliaM said...

"I don't suppose she has considered asking the errant sperm donor for help?"

She's maybe still working through the phone book?

"This is why children at school need to be taught life skills."

There's no time for that, when there's diversity and climate change to get through!

"Entitlement Syndrome, much?"

It's a feature of these stories. That long, slow march through the institutions has created a generation of Morlocks.