Monday, 24 June 2019

Which One Gets The Banner Headlines In National Newspapers?

The family of an elderly woman who was hit by a police motorbike in the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s motorcade has revealed the full extent of her injuries.
Irene Mayor, 83, has suffered a broken pelvis, broken arms, a broken leg and bad head wounds after she was hit by the bike in Richmond, west London, on Monday.
Her tearful sister, 89-year-old Joyce Shore, told the Daily Mail that Ms Mayor “may not get through this”.
Deliberate assault:
The 74-year-old was walking his dog on a narrow footpath at the end of Honeysuckle Lane in Worthing at about 5pm on Monday.
A cyclist sped down the lane on his bike and viciously attacked him. The man was taken to Worthing Hospital by his family, where he is still being treated for major bruising to his face and left ribs and a fractured pelvis.
The pensioner told police he had spoken to the cyclist before the incident about his speed.
Anything to put the boot in, eh, MSM?

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