Thursday, 13 June 2019

This Poor Kid Has No Chance At Life, Has It?

Natasha Tourmentin, 24, told News Shopper her four-year-old son Leo was violently sick after taking a single bite of the burger, which she believes contained traces of cheese.
Leo is severely allergic to eggs, milk and nuts, which means Miss Tourmentin has to take extra care over what he eats.
Except when she's buying him fast food, I guess.
Last month, when Leo was in hospital for an allergy test, Miss Tourmentin bought him a burger.
“He was just refusing to eat anything. He only wanted McDonald’s.”
Let him go hungry. It always worked when my mother tried it (albeit there weren't many McDonalds around back then)!
The mum, who is studying beauty at Bromley College, went to the Lewisham branch of McDonald’s and explained his cheese allergy to staff.
“I even checked the allergen book in there. They gave me a plain burger with ketchup and gherkins, which he can eat, so I gave that to him.”
You clearly didn't check the allergen book very well, then. It states that they can't guarantee there's no cross-contamination.
After Leo’s extended stay in hospital following the reaction, Miss Tourmentin complained to McDonald’s – but had to wait a long time for a response.
“I called into the branch when it first happened and he was still in hospital and they said they would investigate it. It took them over two weeks to respond and it was such a half-hearted apology. They gave me £20 worth of vouchers.
It’s not good enough. It could have cost somebody’s life,” Miss Tourmentin said.
You complained about their food 'nearly killing' your child, they gave you vouchers to buy more of it, and you're complaining it's not enough?


Anonymous said...

No, not enough - not good enough. There's a world of difference. Or a 'good' deal of difference.

I have some sympathy, as some cheeses, especially parmesan, but many that have been cooked, make me throw up. It put me off visiting Italy for a long time!

Oddly enough, I can eat cheese and onion crisps (although I don't like them) which makes me wonder if they contain any cheese at all.

And by the way, an occasional fast food meal normally does no harm. It's a treat. It's when it's every meal or most meals that it is a bad eating habit.

JuliaM said...

"And by the way, an occasional fast food meal normally does no harm."

Oh, indeed. But do you think that's the reality for this child?