Saturday, 22 June 2019

They F*** You Up, Your Mum And Dad....

Or in the case of today's modern chavling, the mum. Since dad doesn't seem to be in the picture.
Ocean’s mother Karen Easdown, 51, said: “Ocean was being bullied and she kept getting excluded.
“They excluded her over a nose ring, then over her socks.
“Then they said her eyelashes were too longbut who doesn’t wear false eyelashes?”
Normal schoolgirls, love. Schoolgirls who don't have mothers happy to send them off to the halls of learning looking like....well, like your daughter.

Like someone rejected from 'My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding; for being too trashy-looking...
“First of all they told her she would be allowed to go to prom as long as she didn’t go to the end-of-year barbecue.
“But now they’ve suddenly changed their mind and told me she can’t go.
“I’ve already spent £155 on her dress.
“Her twin sister is going (Ed: She's called 'Unity', it seems...) and they have always done everything together – but not this.
“They’ve told us if she does turn up she will be arrested.”
Hmmm, just 'changed their minds', eh? For no good reason?
In an email to Ocean’s mother, seen by The Argus, the school said: “I wrote to you earlier in the year to clarify our expectations for Year 11 prom.
“This is by invitation only and the governors and school uphold the right to exclude any student who does not comply with our criteria.
“Unfortunately we have not seen an improvement in Ocean’s behaviour, therefore and with regret, we have decided to exclude Ocean from the prom. Action
“We would appreciate your co-operation in ensuring Ocean does not attempt to enter the premises or the security company will be informed and appropriate action taken.”
So nothing whatsoever to do with her appearance, and everything to do with her behaviour? Colour me shocked. dim do you have to be to show the newspaper reporter the email that blows your story out of the water?


Just Trevor said...

'Ocean' and her twin sister 'Unity'. It's too easy.

Macheath said...

A link in the comments takes one to an article from May 2006:

Fashion victim Karen Gill buys so many designer clothes for her and her five children, she hardly has room to move. She and her partner Bobby Murray are proud to be described as one of the country's flashiest families. They spend up to £500 every month on bling designer clothing.

Karen and her five children share a two-bedroom house in Whitehawk Way, Brighton. Daughters Destiny, six, and three-year-old twins Ocean Beau and Unity Vienna were wrapped in £80 Christian Dior blankets when they were born and now have £89 Moschino boots. With so much money going on clothes they can't move to a bigger house so Karen, who works part-time in a delicatessen, and her three youngest children sleep on a sofa bed.

I think that answers your final question...

Greencoat said...

Ocean needs a sea-change in her attitude.

okjoe58 said...

Great story and follow-through from the Commentary!

staybryte said...

It's becoming a rule of mine to just go straight to the comments on any given MSM article.

JuliaM said...

"'Ocean' and her twin sister 'Unity'. It's too easy."

It is a bit like shooting fish in a barrel. A dry one.

"I think that answers your final question..."


"Ocean needs a sea-change in her attitude."


"It's becoming a rule of mine to just go straight to the comments on any given MSM article."

It is where you find the nuggets of gold, isn't it? Just like blogs!