Saturday, 22 June 2019

They Do Things Differently In Russia...

Tensions between Roma people and Russian villagers in the region of Penza boiled over last week, leading to a deadly brawl, arson attacks, forced evictions and even accusations of a hidden US hand in the violence.
Videos posted from the village of Chemodanovka in the Penza region showed houses owned by Roma families on fire after an ethnic Russian man was stabbed to death during a mass brawl along racial lines.
Four more were admitted to hospital after the street fighting, which was said to have been caused by complaints from Russian villagers against the Roma over sexual harassment.
This, however, isn't the West. There were no immediate recriminations and pledges that people would be arrested and vilified for 'racism'/
Then, suddenly, the Roma were gone, leaving behind 90 empty houses.
The governor’s office said it believed 650 Roma people had left the village of Chemodanovka, as well as the neighbouring village of Lopatka, but not by force.
Mmmm, of course. That happens all the time.
When the region’s governor, Ivan Belozertsev, arrived to try to relieve tensions, he took the unusual tack of blaming the US.
What's unusual about that..?
“America, the west, has poured enormous amounts of money into preparing people here … they’re in every region, including ours, and they don’t want to solve problems, they want to destabilise the situation. They bring fake information here,” he told a crowd of residents on Sunday.
Lots of questions being asked in the progressive media. None of them being 'Why does this keep happening to this ethnic group?'...


Feral said...

I hope we can take a leaf out of Russia's book.

MTG said...

"They Did Things Differently In Germany too..."

The well-known criminal behaviour of Didicois was, according to 1930's German wisdom, genetically determined. In spite of Dr Ritter's research...which went completely unchallenged throughout this period...Stalin and Himmler only managed to rid Europe of 24%.

Staybryte said...

I see they've been sent to
Volgograd. Best be careful there, the last set of invaders there came out of it pretty badly.

JuliaM said...

"I hope we can take a leaf out of Russia's book."

Not a chance, I'm afraid.

"They Did Things Differently In Germany too..."

Indeed so.

"Best be careful there, the last set of invaders there came out of it pretty badly."

Heh! We can but hope...