Saturday, 15 January 2022

It Sure Does 'Raise Serious Questions'...

A councillor with the role of champion for young people has hit out at age discrimination...


...after he was accused of ‘boasting about binge drinking’.

*wakes up* What..? 

Cllr James Barber was first elected as a member for Broken Cross and Upton ward as an 18-year-old in 2019 and given the role on Cheshire East Council to represent youngsters’ interests later that year.
But his posts on Twitter and TikTok have been criticised - with one showing him running down the street with an office-style chair strapped to his back.
It is captioned ‘apparently 7 jaegerbombs in 30 mins turns me into a weapon’.

It turns you into a weapons-grade idiot, for certain! 

It has led to calls for him to step down from his position.
But Cllr Barber has also received support and he has repeated his previously stated view that as a young politician he gets treated differently. He says the reaction ‘raises serious questions’.

Yes, of course, it's not your actions, is it? It's those squares, daddy-o! 

And this week he said: “After long weeks of working on a Covid-19 testing and infection control team at work, along with being a 21-year-old at university and being a councillor, I go out for drinks with my friends.
“However, I acknowledge that, through posting videos on social media of me on a night out I have upset and offended some. For that, I unreservedly apologise.
“I don’t encourage binge-drinking, and do not binge-drink myself, so I’m unsure as to where that came from.”

I think you'll find it came from you, since you posted it! 

“Furthermore, I have not broken any rules or laws.”

No-one's saying you have.  

“However, this story raises in itself serious questions around the way in which young people are treated. When government ministers were videoed drunk dancing in nightclubs, or drunkenly singing karaoke, they were praised for ‘showing a human side’.”

If you think this is the same thing, it calls into question your attitude even further... 

“Whereas when it is a young person, it’s seen as ‘binge-drinking’. Is it any wonder so few young people wish to put themselves forward for election? As a result of all of this, I will be more mindful of what I post on social media. In the meantime, I will continue standing up for my residents and young people, as this is my passion.”

You've learned a lesson, then? One would think it wasn't one you really needed to, if you were smart. But clearly, you aren't. 


Doonhamer said...

I do not understand the habit of Jaeger bombing.
Tasted Jaeger once. No desire to repeat it. Maybe the taste is the reason for throwing it down the neck. It is not strong so it an expensive and inefficient way of getting mellow.
All of the above apply to Buckfast.
But then I am of the "boomer" generation. I appreciate good booze, good crack, good company in a quiet pub.
Getting mellow, never pissed, like other important pleasures should be an unrushed process, enjoyable at every stage and not taken too far. All memories should be good.

JuliaM said...

"I do not understand the habit of Jaeger bombing."

I don't understand most of the crazes that the youth of today indulge in!