Thursday, 27 January 2022

Trying To Save On Bullets, Cumbria Police..?

The witness shared: “I was driving up Kingstown Road, at the junction of Lowry Hill Road, and a man flagged me down for help. He had been attacked by two loose dogs on his way to work. I did all I could to help him whilst he laid on the cold, wet road.
“The dogs just kept coming back for more. I got them away from him several times but also had to protect myself by jumping through my car window as they were coming for me too. A white car also stopped and called for an ambulance. I had no other option but to call the police to tend to the dogs.”

Odd phrasing! 

“I’d like to think I saved him from any further harm as the pair just kept coming back for more. I’m glad I was passing at the time because what could’ve happened is unthinkable.
“I do love dogs, but these two, on this occasion were out to kill. I hope the police dealt with them, as bad as that may sound.”

Why is everyone so apologetic about the need to do what needs to be done? 

“An ambulance arrived for the man who was attacked and from there on the dogs were still roaming around. As I left the scene a police van turned up. Once I’d spoken to them two armed response vehicles arrived to tend to the dogs.”



Cumbria Police confirmed that they had attended the incident. A spokesperson for the force said: “Police were called to Kingstown Road, Carlisle, at 12.03am today (January 12) following a report that two dogs were on the street without an owner and a man had been bitten.
“An ambulance was also called and the man was treated by medical staff.
“Officers, including a dog handler, attended and the dogs were seized.”

They should have been dealt with then and there. In fact, if you'd done your jobs, this man wouldn't have been injured at all, as we learn in the comments: 


I hope he sues you. 



MTG1 said...

The police are our hired eyes and ears. A poor deal then, when you consider such faculties register nothing on a blank mind.

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