Friday, 28 January 2022

“The ideal situation would be moving us out of the house.”

Well, actually, I could think of another one:

The woman lives with her husband and two youngest children in Earl Rise.
She said: “I am classed as living in a severely overcrowded house - we are living in a two bed maisonette but four of us live here.”

One room for you and your current sperm donor, and one for the kids. How on earth is that 'severely overcrowded'..? 

The mum, who wishes to be kept anonymous, has been living inside a Council-owned two bedroom maisonette in Earl Rise, Plumstead since March 2017.
She told the News Shopper that the “mould” has “led her two youngest children develop Bronchitis” – claiming that her seven-month-old son has recently been on a nebuliser.

So you had another child despite the problems? Which I presume the council hasn't offered to fix? 

“I keep the maisonette clean and tidy and I have informed the council of the health issues my children are facing, but they can only suggest removing the ceiling and putting a new one in.”

Oh! Well, then, I ... wait.  

This would mean I would have to remove the furniture from my children’s room and then put everything back afterwards - but my baby is seven months and I do not have the time to do that.”

 I really need to get a smaller one of these...


Stonyground said...

I can't really understand these people. They have a problem, they complain about the problem, the council or landlord offer to fix the problem. The tenant then refuses to allow the problem to be fixed, it's just too much trouble, and then goes back to complaing about the problem. I can't imagine why they live such shitty lives if they deal with all of their problems that way.

JuliaM said...

"I can't really understand these people."

Me neither. I think that means we are both winning at life, though!