Friday, 7 January 2022

Time The Justice System Was Muzzled...

...and castrated, though I fear that's already been done:
A Scots grandad whose thumb was ‘bitten off’ during a terrifying dog attack has been told there is not enough evidence to prosecute the animal’s owner.
The 72-year-old was left in hospital after having a large part of his digit severed as well as suffering numerous wounds to his face, throat, body and legs.

What sort of dog? Well, these days, it seems it's always the same type: 

We previously told how the pensioner, who did not wish to be named, had lifted his small dog off the ground after coming across the XL American bulldog-type canine.

So how on earth can there not be enough evidence? 

Police launched an investigation and seized the dog that was allegedly involved before submitting a report to the Procurator Fiscal. However, the victim’s family have been left reeling after prosecutors decided there was not enough evidence to prosecute.
In a letter from the Crown Office, they were told: “Unfortunately, on consideration of the evidence I have concluded that the statement provided by the accused in this case would not be admissible in evidence and as such, without that statement, there is insufficient evidence of the specific circumstances of the attack to allow the accused to be prosecuted.”

Does it sound to you as if the police screwed up there, Reader, reading between the lines? Failed to caution the offender owner, perhaps?

The family are, as you'd expect, disgusted with this turn of events:

“This is a dangerous animal and we genuinely believe it’s only a matter of time before it attacks someone again.”

Would it be too much to hope the next time it does, it's a relative of the cops or Procurator? 



Doonhamer said...

A genuine case of "The dog ate our homework / evidence".

Umbongo said...

I don't know Scottish law but, it seems to me, in England there would be a case here for a private prosecution which, once launched, could be taken over by the authorities. If possible, this might avoid the involvement of Police Scotland which appears even more useless than their colleagues South of the Border.

MTG1 said...

Give these uniformed arses a speed gun and they will fill a magistrates court to the gunnels.

Anonymous said...

If the old man had said hard words about any one of the popular or woke ideas around his feet wouldn't touch the ground. Typical UK policing, anything short of actually doing the job, it's a miracle we haven't seen a massive rise in self help.

Ian J said...

at least in Devon, the police seem to work;

Ian J

MTG1 said...

Cleveland police, Britain's worst-rated plodforce, has a new celebrity cop. Ms Lisa Thicker, the Assistant chief constable, has deftly switched from catching real criminals, to hunting down fake ones on Channel 4's reality show, 'Hunted'.

Ms Thicker stands to receive a huge windfall of extra private income when she stars as head of a team of comic plod 'capturing' fake crims. Which all seems pretty reasonable when you have failed miserably at the day job. Time to muzzle this piece of merde?

JuliaM said...

"A genuine case of "The dog ate our homework / evidence"."


" seems to me, in England there would be a case here for a private prosecution which, once launched, could be taken over by the authorities."

It's possible the same option exists north of the border, but the authorities are pretty good at protecting themselves from critiscism...

"Typical UK policing, anything short of actually doing the job..."

If only it was just policing, but it seems widespread amongst all the so-called 'services'.


Yes, but note how apologetic they seem to be about it?