Thursday, 26 January 2023

"It Was Good Enough For Me..."

The British boss of Wall Street banking giant Citigroup yesterday warned that slackers working from home will be hauled back to the office for coaching.
Jane Fraser said that it was important for employees to collaborate together and learn from ‘eccentrics’ in the workplace as she did.
If you think 'one size fits all', then it's clear you learned nothing...
Larry Fink, chief executive of BlackRock, the world’s biggest asset manager, was more forthright when he spoke at the same event, hosted by Bloomberg.
He said: ‘Remote working has not worked.’

Who hasn't it worked for, Larry? If you're still head of the biggest asset management firm, and not the second or third largest? 


Chester Draws said...

Maybe they're the biggest because they actively deal with issues?

Instead of pretending working from home is effective, just because it is supposed to be, they might actually have looked at it and used evidence. People feeling that working from home is effective is not the same as it actually being so. People are very bad judges of the quality of their output, for starters.

I'll put a casual bet. Entirely working from home in such industries will not be permitted very soon. And those that try it, will suffer major consequences.

The fraud and security risks alone for a bank must be massive if their staff are unsupervised.

Lord T said...

Depends on the role. I've been working from home for 7 years now. Nurses don't do so well working from home. The firm I work for has been making people come in for a few days a week to start but many have come back full time already.

Many jobs just can't be done and firms are now flexing their muscles. Those that don't go back will find their career options limited and in some cases will find themselves unemployable.

Just needs a bit of common sense but as we know common sense isn't that common.

JuliaM said...

"Instead of pretending working from home is effective..."

But for some it is. Especially if you can then potaentially eschew huge costs for expensive real estate in the middle of major cities, and all the ancilliary expense that goes with that.

"The firm I work for has been making people come in for a few days a week to start but many have come back full time already."

We moved to a new building just at the start of first lockdown. But there's no room for all of us to attend full time, even if we wanted to - even back then, flexiworking was on the cards. Covid merely hastened its implimentation.