Friday, 27 January 2023

What's Up With Scotland?

A pizza chef who sexually assaulted two 16-year-old girls in a chip shop has been spared jail after a sheriff said he committed the offences while he was 'lonely'.
This Flower of Scotland's name?
Kasim Kocaman, 46, of Renfrew, Scotland, touched the teenage girls on their bottoms at the Golden Chip takeaway where he worked in Raploch, Stirling.
Solicitor Ryan Sloan, defending, said Kocaman was 'a Kurdish man who has been in the United Kingdom for many years now'. 'He now finds himself convicted of a sexual offence, and there's a certain stigma attached to that,' he said.
In Scotland, or in his native Kurdistan?
On Tuesday, Sheriff MacDonald sentenced the offender to 200 hours of unpaid work and placed him on social work supervision for 12 months. He said this was a direct alternative to custody.
He told Kocaman: 'Both these offences were opportunistic in nature - I detected no element of planning - but they involved a breach of trust.
'They seem to have been committed at a time in your life when, according to the author of the criminal justice social work report, you may well have been experiencing an element of loneliness.'

It's no wonder the place is fast becoming known for perverts, freaks and weirdoes.... 


The Jannie said...

"in his native Kurdistan?" He'd likely find a knife between his ribs . . .

Anonymous said...

Praise be to the Snackbar that he couldn't find a goat or a boy ...

DJ said...

A vote of thanks too for the femiloons. They've spent years claiming sexual assault is 'about power not sex' except now it turns out that when the offender is a RoPer it's all just some guy looking for love in all the wrong places. No wider agenda whatsoever you bigots!

Doonhamer said...

A pizza chef? Eh?*
My mind be boggling.
That would be the Gordon Blew standard of ghastronomy. Outta dis World.
For furriners, Scotland really does have good food and people who know how to cook it and serve it.

* Eh? -- A Scottish term which means: "I sincerely doubt the veracity of your utterance."
Usually followed by: "Aye, right."

Anonymous said...

So, he did it, because he was lonely, despite being married. I'm a 70 odd year old widower, whon is also lonely, but I don't go around touching up women. It's probably because my culture respects women and treats them with courtesy. This sex offender is of a culture which considers females as being available for whatever they want to do and that, I think, is the main problem. He's not lonely. He's just assuming he can do, in this country, what he's allowed to do in his.

JuliaM said...

"He'd likely find a knife between his ribs . . ."

That would be a terrible shame, wouldn't it?

"A vote of thanks too for the femiloons."


"* Eh? -- A Scottish term which means: "I sincerely doubt the veracity of your utterance."
Usually followed by: "Aye, right.""

Appropriate in the circumstances!

"So, he did it, because he was lonely, despite being married."

I wonder if his wife was similarly lonely..? 😉

Anonymous said...

Please tell me he wasn’t spared being put on the sex offenders register? There have been people out on it for less