Thursday, 12 January 2023

Will We Get 20 Seconds To Comply..?

Supermarkets are calling for new laws that let them use AI to verify a customer is over-18 when buying alcohol.

Oh oh!

Recipe for disaster!

But wait! Why 'over 18'? Don't most supermarkets - willingly! - go much further and demand proof you're over 24?

The British Retail Consortium said age estimation technology would make stores 'a safer place to work and shop'. Shop assistants face over 1,300 incidents of violence and abuse every day, with staff asking to check a customer's age one of the most common triggers.

Well, it's no wonder, is it? 

Yoti, the British firm behind the software, claims it can estimate someone's age to within 18 months with near 100 per cent accuracy.

Why are we messing about with trying to save supermarkets from the consequences of their slavish capitulation to the NuPuritans then? Get this thing to the Home Office, stat! 


Anonymous said...

If this works, perhaps it should be used on the 30 odd year old 'children' being picked up by the British Border Force Illegal Immigrant Collection Agency, who are obviously working in conjunction with the French Navy People Trafficking Corporation? Just a thought.

Bucko said...

"it can estimate someone's age to within 18 months"
Any checkout staff worth their salt, should already be able to do that, or they have no business selling age restricted products. Pub staff seem to be able to manage it, without making people prove they're over 30

JuliaM said...

"Just a thought."

I had the very same one, check out the link!

"Any checkout staff worth their salt, should already be able to do that..."