Saturday, 14 January 2023

More Lying Lazy Cops? What A Surprise...

The traumatised woman said: "I saw a lady in a blue uniform which looked like she worked for the NHS with two dogs standing on the grass. It was some sort of bulldog... "

No surprises here... 

'When I told the police they did not want to take the report as they don't deal with this type of thing and said it was a matter for Preston City Council.'

Nor here... 

A spokesperson for Lancashire Police confirmed that it was a matter for the local dog warden. Preston Council have been approached for comment.

Preston Council should ask why the cops are passing it to them when it's their responsibility:

The incident was reported to Police but the attacking dog’s owners have not been investigated and the animal is still able to roam. At the time of the attack it had escaped without the owner’s knowledge, something it did the following day too

Perhaps the useless lazy bastards will take some action when a cop is bitten?

Speaking about the shocking incident, Zoe French, the granddaughter of the affected woman, has said: “Sandie has been my nan’s best friend and reason to get out of bed for the past 14 years. My nan has been left devastated, traumatised and alone, with a hefty vet bill. “We have not once been assisted or helped by a member of the police force as there is no law allowing them to assist.”


“This has to change. We want some change in laws around dog-on-dog attacks. Not just for Sandie but for past and future dogs. Our animals deserve justice too.
“There should be something the law can do in prosecuting the owner of a dangerous dog, or so police can investigate dangerous dog reports more seriously and not waiting for it to be a dog-on-child attack”.

They can. It just happens that they don't seem to want to - not all farces, however, are so lazy: 

"It completely broke my heart, and it all made sense. He grabbed her from under the car and cartwheeled her around, smashing her on the ground. He takes the dog to her trying to get it to rip her to shreds but it's not interested. You can then see the police come around the corner and they instantly think it's the dog by the looks of it.
"A police officer wrapped her up and took her to the vets straight away. The dog didn't do anything wrong, looking at the CCTV I don't want it punished, I'm an animal lover.
"My nine-year-old asked for money and bought chocolates for the police officers that helped save Lola and wrote them a card. He's got more compassion in his little finger than this mad (sic) who attacked Lola."

I'd have preferred to see them arrest the scum, but they, at least, did what they could. Shame on the other farces.  


MTG said...

They love 'there' jobs, it's the work they hate.

JuliaM said...

Some farces do try. But the response should be universal.