Monday, 29 December 2008

Rules – Strictly For The Little People...

Britain’s top anti-terror police chief faces more embarrassing questions over a luxury car hire business run from his home which appears to be operating illegally and is being investigated by the local council.

The business, run by the wife of Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Bob Quick, the officer who sanctioned the highly controversial raid on the House of Commons office of Tory MP Damian Green, could face prosecution and a fine of up to £3,000.
Oh, dear...
Inquiries by this newspaper have established that the business, which hires out vintage Rolls-Royces and Mr Quick’s 130mph Jensen Interceptor for about £500 a day, does not have an operator’s licence.

This could have a bearing on the validity of its passenger insurance policies.
I’m shocked, shocked to find out that a servant of the Crown may have disregarded the rules and regulations! Perhaps he can claim ignorance of the law? I hear that sometimes works...

In a further embarrassment to Mr Quick, it has emerged that while in his previous post as Chief Constable of Surrey, his force and the local Tandridge District Council produced a 36-page booklet explaining the rules affecting private car hire firms.

One paragraph states: ‘No person shall operate any vehicle as a private-hire vehicle in Tandridge without having a current operator’s licence.’
Heh, busted!

And in true chivalrous style, he’s letting the little wifey take the flack:
Last night Mrs Quick said that in early 2007 she had sought ‘detailed advice’ from the council.

‘Due to the nature of the business I was not required to obtain a licence,’ she said.
And she, in turn, is blaming the council for giving her inaccurate advice. What a couple! They truly deserve each other...


Anonymous said...

If he'd just shut up, hadn't stuck his head up over the parapet, trusted the old copper's instinct that must still exist within his big fat head, he could have been looking forward to the end of a very successful police career, a DAC's pension, a couple of nice little earners on advisory boards, crime reduction schemes - the usual tat; and a well established car hire business to see him and Mrs FB out nicely. But he believed the silken tongued, big busted Jackie Smiff, she called him 'Bob', she made him feel wanted and adored and he old warning systems didn't work, he went and did her bidding (despite I am sure warnings from colleagues) and here we are today! Over ambitious, over promoted and F****D! Nice one Bob!

Anonymous said...

"If he'd just shut up..."

That's just where a lot of them fall down, though, isn't it? They are surrounded by sycophants at work, and get to assuming that everyone is like that.

But try to bully the media, and they soon learn that old saying about not picking a fight with someone who buys ink (or nowadays, pixels) by the barrel.. ;)