Saturday, 20 December 2008

No Good Deed Shall Go Unpunished In Brown’s Britain...

After the lackadaisical way the police have just been shown to have treated claims that Napper was a nutter (and from his Mum, no less), we can console ourselves that those dogged sleuths, the BTP, are maintaining standards:
A kind-hearted teenager was interrogated for two hours and threatened with a criminal record by police after he attempted to help elderly residents left stranded by icy weather.
His heinous crime?

After the council failed to grit the streets, he went down to the council offices and offered to do their job for them. They told him he could do so, if he could find a yellow grit bin (obviously they didn’t know where to find it themselves, what do you think they do, work here..?).
Determined to accomplish his act of kindness, the teenager and his friends spent hours driving around town looking for grit for the paths around the estate in Cedar Grove.

He finally found some at a railway station and went ahead with the gritting.

However, two days later British Transport Police arrived at his home and accused the youngster of theft of the grit.
So they presumably tracked him down via his car registration. I guess thee must be no other crime on the railway in Cedar Grove worth bothering about?
Philip added: 'They came to my house and questioned me for two hours.

'I have never been in trouble before and tried to explain I was helping the older people get out of their homes.

'The officer said that if they did not take me to court I might still get an official caution. I have been worrying ever since.'
But now this has been publicised, the BTP issued a grovelling apology and promised disciplinary action for the numptys that called on Philip.

Ha, no, of course not:
A spokesman for British Transport Police said: 'We have investigated this but it appears the 17-year-old and his friends who took the grit did not realise they were committing an offence.

'We will not be taking this any further.'
How good of you....

Well, if that daft cow Melanie Reid wants us all to do ‘compulsory voluntary work’, she going to have her work cut out ensuring that we aren’t all nicked for it...


Anonymous said...

Anyone in this situation should under NO circumstances accept a caution. The caution is a device for lazy police officers to "clear up" a non-offence.

It's an easy bluff to call. Refusing to accept a caution may be met by the vague threat to "take things further". Ignore it. It isn't going to happen and everyone knows it.

Trust me. I speak from experience having been threatened with same after defending myself from a lunatic with a lengthy criminal record in an unprovoked attack.

BTW compliments of the season to all here.

Furry Conservative said...

This country is full of absolute fucking wankers. What the hell has happened to Britain?

Furry Conservative said...

More derring-do from our have-a-go heroes in the police:

(shameless plug, sorry)

Anonymous said...

"Anyone in this situation should under NO circumstances accept a caution."

Sound advice. I never would - let them prove it!

"compliments of the season to all here."

And to you :)

"More derring-do from our have-a-go heroes in the police..."

Hmm, "...South Wales Police said Mr Singh was given "appropriate advice" as the jokes were "potentially offensive."..."

I'd prefer the police dealt with real crimes, rather than 'offence'. Potential offence is just them attemting to justify their existance!

Furry Conservative said...

Everything is potentially offensive. The police are the arbiters in what is now offensive or not offensive. In effect, they can pick and choose who they want to arrest. It is that simple.

Arbitrary arrest and detention. We have arrived, ladies and gentlemen.

Anonymous said...


Imagine: you're a policeman (of limited education and nil emotional intelligence); you are given a choice, either (1) bully the helpless and law-abiding Mr Singh or (2) confront the everyday underclass scrote who makes normal citizens' lives that bit more unpleasant. Whichever you choose, you will get the same brownie points for a "cleared up crime" from your incompetent seniors.

The result of the above choice is shown in the report on your blog.