Friday, 5 December 2008

Suicide – Yr Doin It Wrong….

A woman who knocked down and killed a 15-month-old boy in a pushchair had been trying to commit suicide, it was claimed in court today.

Katie Gutierrez-Perez, 40, wept as she admitted causing the death of Finlay Woods by dangerous driving.

She faces a long jail sentence after Snaresbrook Crown Court heard how she caused the accident in Chingford, mounting the kerb in her 4x4.
Well, of course!

It’s a well known fact that the absolute best way to kill yourself is to take a two-tonne 4x4 and engineer a low-speed crash on a suburban street into flimsy metal school railings…
Her defence lawyer Sue Rodham said she wanted to gather medical reports and character evidence on her client, adding: 'It is obviously appreciated that this matter will result in a custodial sentence. There was quite clearly a failed suicide attempt and there is a history of depression.'
No, this is simply another case of the ‘I’ll do whatever I feel like doing at the moment, regardless of impact on others’. Ms Gutierrez-Perez is just another in the mould of Angel Bright, heedless of her actions on those around her, dedicated to one thing, and one thing only – her own feelings.
It had previously been reported that her struggling restaurant had been closed by bailiffs days before the accident, and she was in debt. It was believed the mother of two had a furious row with her sister.
I pity her children almost as much as Finlay’s parents. What kind of ‘problem resolution’ have they learned from this ‘mother’?

‘If life hands you lemons, just go nuts drunk in charge of a vehicle’…?
Finlay's mother Tina, 31, said afterwards that the prospect of a long sentence for Gutierrez-Perez was a relief.

'No sentence, 10 years, 50 years, would ever make us feel any better, or bring Finlay back, but it will keep her off the streets,' she said.

She said she doubted the claim of a suicide attempt, adding: 'If she was contemplating suicide and was that distraught, why would you bother about getting in your car?'

Her husband Roger, 32, a data engineer, added: 'It was good to hear [the judge] say she would get a lengthy sentence.'
Oh, dear, but I think this couple are headed for a sad disappointment. All the resources of the State will now be thrown behind this pitiful excuse for a human being – she’ll receive counselling, support, care and feeding, her worries will be taken care of, she’ll go to the head of the queue if she needs hospital treatment…
Asked if they had any sympathy for Gutierrez-Perez when they saw her weeping, they shook their heads, and Mr Woods added: 'She's a weak, weak individual.'
God, you must have to turn off your brain, or any semblance of humanity, to be a journalist….

What kind of person could ask such a question? Why on earth should they have any sympathy for this woman? Is this the ‘Tricia Show’ or something…?


Letters From A Tory said...

It is sad to think that the first instinct of some people is to feel sorry for a person who has such little regard for everyone else on the planet.

Mark Wadsworth said...

As you say, absolutely no way was that a suicide attempt. That is the most laughable excuse I have ever heard, even if it were true I don't see how it has any bearing on the case.

Stan said...

I admit I was up a nit late this morning and so not quite with it, but I could have sworn I heard a BBC correspondent on the Breakfast programme say this ....

"I'll be asking if there was more we could have done to help Karen Matthews"

Anonymous said...

" more of our money', I presume!

Actually, that thought is uppermost in the NHS Blog Doctor's post, where he sees her as a 'media lynching victim'.

"...even if it were true I don't see how it has any bearing on the case"

Well, it gives her the status of 'victim', for a start, in the twisted minds of the chattering classes.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Is this the ‘Tricia Show’ or something…?

Judging by the election results since 1997, I'd say "yes".

Anonymous said...

Please be more understanding, she evidently has a complex personality.

(BTW it's April Bright, is that a mixture of Freudian slip and irony, a mindless thug named Bright and Angel?).

Stan, yes there was: a lifelong Stella ration in return for sterilisation. There are now seven more 'paragons of animals' out there, inauspiciously equipped with her genes and attitudes.

A fiver says she chain-smoked throughout the pregnancies too, which may not be all bad: with luck her spawn'll be too asthmatic to be capable of sustained violence.

Anonymous said...

"(BTW it's April Bright, is that a mixture of Freudian slip and irony, a mindless thug named Bright and Angel?)"

Lol! Must have been.

Or I had a flashback to the tv series 'Angel', thinking about these underclass vampires sucking the lifeblood out of the UK...

RightGirl said...
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