Tuesday, 9 December 2008

The Recession Bites Our Public Services….

…forcing even the police to find second jobs:
Victoria Thorne, 28, who serves with the Northumbria force, is accused of a single offence of misconduct in a public office.

She appeared at Newcastle magistrates alongside four others who have been charged with operating prostitutes.
Here’s hoping that they aren’t quite as…well lived..as Tennessee’s selection of ladies du nuit….
PC Thorne, from Washington, Tyne & Wear, is claimed to have appeared on the agency website in a series of provocative poses and known as "Kelly".

Her website profile stated that she was "very eager to please" but refused to wear a uniform or entertain clients from Sunderland.
Oooh, that probably breaches the Trading Standards, not to mentin equality legislation….
Also arrested in the investigation was PC Simon Alistair Harrison, who was on a career break from the Northumbria force and living in West Yorkshire.

After serving more than four years with the police, mainly in the Newcastle command area, he then took up a career teaching. He has accepted a caution.
Meanwhile, in Ilford:
A corrupt police officer planned to make more than £2 million by using confidential details to blackmail registered sex offenders and sell information to wealthy criminals, a court heard yesterday.
But he has an excuse!
Mr Johal, formerly an executive on the Metropolitan Police Sikh Association, denies 12 counts of blackmail and one of misconduct in a public office.

He claimed that he believed he or his family would be hurt after a criminal got in touch with him and forced him to use the computer system to make money.
Of course he did….


Anonymous said...

"refused to wear a uniform or entertain clients from Sunderland. "

What's wrong with clients from Sunderland?

Letters From A Tory said...

Credit for an original excuse in the last story!

Anonymous said...

"What's wrong with clients from Sunderland?"

Beats me! Are they notorious in the world of prostitution for something unsavoury? Perhaps I should ask a policeman... ;)