Monday, 1 December 2008

Infantilising Our Society…

First the flip flops, now this:
Drinkers and festive revellers on the streets of Bolton are being given bubble-blowers to stop them causing trouble as they make their way home.
Isn’t that what laws are for? You know, ‘drunk and disorderly’? It used to mean something, once…
The light-hearted scheme has a serious message for drinkers who are being urged not to get involved in violence or make too much noise.
Then use the existing laws to lock up the ones getting ‘involved in violence’ or ‘making too much noise’. Don’t treat the adult population as clicker-trained dogs, to be bribed into good behaviour by the offering of a treat (paid for by the non-drunk and rowdy majority, of course).
Councillor Elaine Sherrington said the aim of Operation Sherry was to keep people as "as safe as possible".

The pens will be handed out by police community support officers and town centre ambassadors.
That’s nice for them.

And is this scheme named for the famous Spanish tipple? Or for the daft bint who came up with it, I wonder…?
The Be Safe Partnership, which includes police, the fire service and council, is running Operation Sherry for the third year.
Good grief! What is this costing the Bolton taxpayer in bubble solution, plus the attendance and employment of ‘town centre ambassadors’?
Ms Sherrington, from Bolton Council, said: "The run-up to the festive period should be full of fun, not problems with drunkenness or rowdy behaviour.

"The bubble pens are a great idea to keep things light-hearted and town centre revellers will have something fun to focus on as they leave pubs and clubs.
Who elected this woman to be Bolton’s nanny and circus ringmaster? Is this really the type of ‘elected representative’ the people of Bolton wanted?

If so, then I wish them joy of her.

"The act of blowing bubbles is normally associated with parties and entertainment, and the Be Safe partnership wants everyone to party safely."
I want people like you to stop pouring taxpayer’s money down the drain on the increasingly feral and out-of-control hordes produced in our finest educational establishments. Bet I don’t get my wish this year…

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Leg-iron said...

Elfin Safety will soon put a stop to these pens - "You could 'ave someone's eye out with that".

They're just a temporary meansure anyway, until we're all fully accustomed to street beatings and shootings and Tazerings.

So much easier than all that tedious conversation they've had to do in the past.

No smoking in pubs, and soon no drinking either. Stay home, keep quiet, eat the approved foods, pay tax and just leave the postal vote on the doormat. We'll deal with it for you.

And still there are labour supporters and MP's insisting it's all just fine and dandy.

It's not going to end well.

Anonymous said...

Don't you support a woman's right to shoes

Anonymous said...

Oops wrong link

A woman's right to shoes

Anonymous said...

Lol! Good old Mark Steyn. Wish they'd bring him back to the 'Telegraph'...

Anonymous said...

Used to be a favourite toy of acid heads. Is this the council letting slip a secret from their past?

OR....IS it past???

Von Brandenburg-Preussen.