Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Say What…?!?

A health trust which will not pay for a boy's false legs has spent £30,000 on a bash for 400 staff.

Elaine Oakey, whose son Jamie, five, was born without a foot and part of his leg, said she felt sick when she heard.

'We have to beg people to donate things to raffles to get the care Jamie needs,' added Ms Oakey.
Won’t pay for a boy’s false leg? Surely, she jests? Well, no:
'We raised £40,000 in five years. They've blown just short of that in a night.' Jamie, of Blackpool, cannot get a prosthetic leg on the NHS because he is not classed as disabled.

Trust bosses said the party rewarded hard-working staff.
That’s right – he’s not classed as ‘disabled’. Are we going mad in this country?

How can a little boy with no foot and part of his leg missing not be disabled…?


Mark Wadsworth said...

O/T, but they appear to be rolling out LBWF's loony no take-aways near schools nonsense.

Anonymous said...


They are just determined to push through as much as they can to screw the country, aren't they? What with this and pressing on with HIPs....

Lord Elvis of Paisley said...

I reda this this morning on the way in and wanted to punch the wall. I don't even know where to start so I'm not going to go. I'm am now going to punch a wall.

Anonymous said...

How about punching the Chief Executive of the health trust?

RightGirl said...

I see the reasoning. I mean, if you class this bairn as disabled, it might hurt his feelings AND cost money. It's all about the self-esteem, baby!


Dammitall! said...

Well, the loony left don't like the word "disabled", do they? It's hard to admit that anyone can be "handicapped" in our modern Utopia.
I think the cant phrase is "differently abled".
You mustn't say, angrily, "Are you deaf?" at some piece of official obtuseness: you should politely murmur "Are you aurally impaired?".
The Health Trust folks probably have "learning difficulties".
Hope they enjoy their champers!
Why don't we all send the lad's mum a tenner for Xmas?