Monday, 15 December 2008

Employer Of The Year II!

Meanwhile, over at the BBC, a talented radio presenter learns of his sacking via a journalist:
The sacking of Ed Stourton from Radio 4's Today programme was 'crass', a fellow presenter said last night.

Stourton who has presented the flagship news show for a decade, was devastated to learn of his dismissal last week, after being asked by a journalist if rumours of his departure were true.
They weren’t, as he found out…
Last night a Today presenter, who did not want to be named, said: 'Of course it was mishandled, there's no mistake about that.

'It was crass, the way it was done. When a guy discovers he is being sacked when a reporter tells him he has seen a bit in a column, that's hardly classic management really.'
You can say that again!
Insiders have also claimed Stourton was forced out because he was uncomfortable with demands for presenters to adopt a more 'light-hearted' and energetic style of presenting.

Yesterday, Stourton – whose nickname is Posh Ed – said the BBC had tried to cover up the callous nature of his sacking with a statement saying he was leaving to 'pursue other projects'.

'I did think it was wrong of them to say that I was leaving to pursue other projects, which is simply not true,' he added. 'I am leaving because they have removed me and there are no other projects.

'I had absolutely no indication of what was coming and nor did anyone else on the programme. They said they were as in the dark about this as I was.'
And people think the BBC handles licence-fee nonpayers poorly…!


Anonymous said...

The BBC and our government have at least one thing in common: when in doubt lie.

Anonymous said...

I didn't think they waited until they were in doubt, frankly...!