Friday, 12 December 2008

De Menezes Verdict: 'Open'

And the media were gagged over reporting what happened when the coroner ruled out 'unlawful killing' as an option:
The coroner had earlier ordered the public and the media to leave the courtroom while he completed his summing up to the jury last week, giving no reason except to say he had reached a "sensitive" point in the hearing.

When the public refused amid repeated requests for clarification of his ruling, there was a standoff for an hour and 40 minutes. The public refused to leave and the coroner refused to return to court.

At one point the team of bouncers with walkie-talkie microphones on their shirt cuffs who had been hired to provide security at the inquest were seen huddling in a corner. "We can't use violence, that's clear," one was overheard saying.
So, when will they hold the inquest for the death of the British justice system...?


James Higham said...

Who'd conduct it, Julia?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we could ask the UN...? ;)

Mark Wadsworth said...

They probably already have held an inquest into death of UK justice system. Behind closed doors with no publication of results. And plenty to eat and drink.

Anonymous said...

The BBC front page had an interesting link revealing their bias. The photo they chose to illustrate an article about the inquiry showed a tee-shirt with the slogan "UNLAWFUL KILLING" in big capitals.

No bias there!

Anonymous said...

'We can't use violence, that's clear.'

A bouncer said that? I find that hard to believe.

wv: parka - I shit you not. Could do with one of those in this weather.

Anonymous said...

"A bouncer said that? I find that hard to believe."

It is, isn't it? :)

"wv: parka - I shit you not"

Heh! I'v got to start looking at that thing.