Friday, 5 December 2008

’Talkin’ Bout NuLab’s Generation…’

A feral teenage girl who stabbed a man in the neck and then told friends 'just let him die' was jailed for life for murder today.
For life, eh…? *hollow laughter*
Callous April Bright, 17, knifed Mohamoud Hussan outside a pub and casually walked away as he stumbled around with blood spurting from the wound.

She then casually wiped the blood from her hands in the womens' toilet and continued partying in the bar.
Oh, I bet this wasn’t a crime out of the blue. Want to bet there’ll be a whole catalogue of previous convictions?
Bright, now 18, was found guilty of murder at Bristol Crown Court and jailed for life yesterday with a minimum term of 12 years.
And there’s the reason for the hollow laughter. A minimum term of 12 years at the taxpayer’s expense? For killing a man?
The court heard how the teenager - who has a long history of offending - had concealed a knife down her tracksuit bottoms when she went out on the night of the murder.
Right on cue, the news that this wasn’t some poor angel pushed to her limit (and able to claim the benefits of Jacqui Smith’s wonderful new bill proposal, if she’d only had the sense to wait a while).
Sentencing, Mr Justice Roderick Evans said knife crime was a 'matter of grave concern' for the British public.

He said: 'It strikes me that the taking out of a knife on a night is itself major aggravating feature particularly in the present climate of crime.'
In other words, if so many people hadn’t been stabbed recently, we’d not be making a fuss about this case? Good grief….
Richard Smith, prosecuting, said the pair first met in a cafe shortly before the attack, where a group of Somalian men were making a nuisance of themselves talking to women and touching them.

Bright warned Mohamoud not to mess with her and said: 'You don't know my people. You don't know who I am.'
Wonderful ‘diversity’ there – chippy, aggressive, drunken chav rubs up against ‘exotic culture’ on typical English night out. You can almost hear the duelling banjos, can’t you?
The pair crossed paths again later that night at the packed Criterion pub in St Paul's, where carnival goers were partying the night away.

By this point both were drunk and Bright had become moody, excitable and aggressive, the court was told.
You know, I’m not sure ‘becoming’ moody, excitable and aggressive was the right term there – it seems to have been Bright’s default setting…
Witnesses then heard Bright say, 'Let him die' before dabbing her cut finger with tissue in the women's toilet.

She was also heard saying to her pals: 'He assaulted me, he touched me up, ****ing Somalian.'
It’s a wonder she wasn’t charged with ‘racially-aggravated something’.

Well, it is until you look at her picture…
Michael Fitton, mitigating, said Bright had a 'complex personality' and had previously been treated for Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.
And there’s the trifecta! Ding, ding, ding, we have a ‘Victimhood Stakes’ winner!
He said: 'We invite the court to pay close regard to the provoking behavior on the night from Mr Hussan and his friends who behaved lecherously.

'When we first saw April she did not want to give evidence and refused to attend court but for the first time since the attack April has expressed remorse for taking Mr Hussan's life.

'One can only hope that further exploration of her complex personality will help to explain the extreme violence of her reaction on the night of the murder.'
Now, had the boot been on the other foot, can you imagine the screams of outrage that would have ensued should the defendant’s lawyer attempted to blame the victim…?

And since when was a kitchen knife in the chest an appropriate response to sexual harassment?

Plus, there’s nothing ‘complex’ about her personality. There are thousands of ‘Aprils’ in the UK, sadly.
The court heard how Bright - who admitted manslaughter but denied murder - had previous convictions for dishonesty, an assault on police, drugs possession and using racially threatening, insulting words or behaviour.
No surprise….
She stared blankly ahead and showed no emotion as she was sentenced.
Of course she didn’t. She is probably incapable of it. Whatever she may once have been capable of, when very young, she’s now irretrievably lost.

Life in prison until she’s physically unable to harm anyone else is the best the public could hope for now.

We won’t get it.

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RightGirl said...

Wait a minute. Having been in close quarters with gropey Somalis, why the heck isn't she getting OBE'd or something? This might have been her acto f redemption for a live poorly lived!