Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Déjà vu…?

Sometimes, you read a story in the papers and think ‘I’ve already seen something about that’. And then you realise the two incidents are, sadly, separate ones:
Nine members of a braying schoolboy rape gang who carried out a horrifying punishment attack on a 14-year-old girl are behind bars tonight.

The boys were as young as 13 when they took it in turns to assault their defenceless victim while recording it on a mobile phone.
I wonder just how long they will be behind bars for?
Ringleader O'Neil 'Hitman' Denton, 14 at the time, ordered his sniggering friends to snatch the girl from Hackney in east London.

Denton forced her to perform oral sex on him, joined by Weiled Ibrahim, 17, 16-year-olds Jayden Ryan, Yusuf Raymond and Jack Bartle, and 15-year-olds Alexander Vanderpuije and Cleon Brown.
Ahhh, diversity! How poor we would all be without it, eh?
The nine teenage boys, including two aged 14 and 16 convicted of rape on the basis they 'aided and abetted' the attack, were given terms ranging from two years and five months in secure accommodation to indeterminate terms for public protection.
Feel safer..? Nope, me neither.
DC Burks said the Metropolitan Police was cracking down on gang-related violence.

'We the police and the community will not accept gang rule in the community. '
Really, DC Burks..?

Because meanwhile, over in another part of London:
A schoolgirl with learning difficulties was gang-raped by up to ten thugs who then threw caustic soda over her.
In addition, this sounds a lot like the case highlighted by ‘Pub Philosopher’ nearly a year ago. In fact, so many of the details are correct (although the girl’s age is a year out in the first report) I think it IS the same one.

I wonder if prolific commenter and lefty apologist for feral scum ‘john b’ would like some Jamaican hot sauce with the hat store he planned to eat if it did transpire that she wasn’t a member of the gang being ‘punished’ for some transgression, rather than an innocent victim?
Rogel McMorris, Jason Brew, and Hector Muaimba were all found guilty of rape and will be sentenced next month.

Yesterday three of her attackers were convicted of rape after pleading not guilty, forcing the girl to relive her ordeal by giving evidence via video-link.

They sneered in the dock at Wood Green Crown Court, North London, as the Ghanaian-born teenager frequently paused because her wounds were causing discomfort.
Of course they did. After all, they’d been there before:
The jury found McMorris, now 18, guilty of rape. His immigrant status is being investigated. Jason Brew, 19, who was born in the UK, and Hector Muaimba, 20, an immigrant from Angola, were also found guilty of rape. All have previous convictions and will be sentenced next month.
Hmmm. Doesn’t look much to me as if gang rule is being rejected by these ‘communities’…

And as DumbJon points out, where’s the feminist outrage over this culture of misogyny? Are they too busy worrying about lapdance clubs, equal pay and access to SureStart instead?


Mark Wadsworth said...

The feminists are busy celebwating diversity, I guess.

I'm still lost. Are these two separate but identical cases or the same one? What did John B say wasn't true that you think is?

Anonymous said...

I think they are the same. It'd be horrible to think they weren't, and it's just a common occurence.

His quote (in that 'Pub Philosopher' thread) was: "the ordeal that the girl in Tottenham went through was unimaginably horrible. however, if it doesn't transpire that she was being 'punished' for nicking the gang's money or similar, rather than an innocent who was seized to gratify their perverted lusts, I'll happily eat a hat store..."

I'll spring for the hot sauce... ;)

Mark Wadsworth said...

I think:

a) they are the same and

b) it is entirely, completely and totally irrelevant why they raped her. Either way, she was 'an innocent who was seized' etc.

Anonymous said...

I think they are separate incidents. this is by no means a 'rare' occurrence and despite the ploddlygook spouted by the officer (s/he never actually said that you know - no one speaks like that) the Met have been battling with this savagery, committed mainly by young black boys, for years. The sexc offenders register is full of young black boys - yoots - a large majority Somalian. They love nothing more than a group assault. Animals! And they're always excused by 'well they come from a war torn' country etc. Rubbish - no excuse. They move and hunt in packs. Most of the victims are young black girls! Iranian crane hangings are needed.

Anonymous said...

"And they're always excused by 'well they come from a war torn' country etc..."

And a lot of them grew up here. Is 'PTSD' supposed to be contagious...?

Anonymous said...

Feminists have for many years now said that rape was about power rather than sex. Im sure there is some truth in this however when one thinks of the traditional rapist - the pervert lurking in the alleyway and so on. With these dysfunctional weirdos it really was more about sex.

Your typical black gang rapists however are not socially dysfunctional or weird. They are doing it to show their power, to reinforce group behaviour, all the classic feminist hot buttons. And yet our femiloon friends are totally AWOL.

Anonymous said...

Iranian crane hangings are needed.

No Im sorry I cant go along with such barbarity, instead I vote for the industrial shredder.

Others may favour the wood chipper. Though they would have to go in feet first - and still be alive at the time.