Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Crying Wolf….?

This is in most newspapers today:
Scotland Yard's counter-terrorism command fears that right-wing extremists will stage a deadly terrorist attack in Britain to try to stoke racial tensions, the Guardian has learned.
Yes, there’s a lot to fear from the cunning, ninja-like warriors of the extreme right…
Senior officers say it will be a "spectacular" that is designed to kill. The counter-terrorism unit has redeployed officers to increase its monitoring of the extreme right's potential to stage attacks.
I don’t think it’s going to take Sherlock Holmes to monitor these blundering incompetents, is it?

So why the sudden concern?
Commander Shaun Sawyer told a meeting of British Muslims concerned about the danger to their communities that police were responding to the growing threat.
Ah. Now it’s all clear…
Sawyer revealed that the Met commissioner, Sir Paul Stephenson, had asked the counter-terrorism command, SO15, to examine what the economic downturn would mean for far-right violence. The assessment concluded that the recession would increase the possibility of it.
I’m a little confused here. Why would an economic downturn only fuel ‘right wing’ violence? Isn’t everyone likely to be affected by it equally?
Sources have told the Guardian that while they believe the neo-Nazi terrorist threat has grown, they have no specific intelligence of an attack.
But they plan to ramp up the rhetoric anyway. Why not?

There might, after all, be brownie points in it:
"There is an increased possibility of violence from the far right. There is a trend," said one senior source, adding that the ideology of the violent right was driven by "people who don't like immigration, people who don't like Islam. We're seeing a resurgence of anti-semitism as well."
So, not ‘liking’ something is now akin to ‘extremism, is it? Hmm, I wonder where they got that idea from?

And I wonder if the rise in anti-semitism is caused by the right-wing extremists, or the left…?
The meeting at which Sawyer spoke was staged by the Muslim Safety Forum, whose chair, Abdurahman Jafar, said: "Muslims are the first line of victims in the extreme right's campaign of hate and division and they make no secret about that. Statistics show a strong correlation between the rise of racist and Islamophobic hate crime and the ascendancy of the BNP."
So how much of a threat is this really?

Well, they have to go back over ten years to find the last real threat:
It is a decade since an extreme rightwing terrorist has used bombs to claim lives in Britain. In 1999, David Copeland struck three targets in London. His attack on a gay pub in Soho, London, killed three people and left scores injured.
So far, the erstwhile successors to Copeland have proven themselves to be hopeless underachievers.

But times have changed:
The senior source said: "When Copeland attacked we did not have the religious tensions with the Muslim community. What kind of schism would a Copeland-type event cause now?"
Oh, absolutely! I remember when the 7/7 atrocity and its follow-up brought white Christian people out onto the streets, burning and looting Muslim shops and homes in an orgy of viole..

What’s that you say? It didn’t happen?

How odd.

Update: Predictably, prize tit and media go-to boy for all things 'effnik' Sunny Hundal is wetting his knickers, wailing 'OMG! OMG! The rightwingers are coming! Flee! Flee for your lives!'

What's the phrase that springs to mind when I read this drivel?

Ah, yes. 'Useful idiot'...


AntiCitizenOne said...

Will Shaun Sawyer be arrested like Nick Griffin was?

Stan said...

Why is violence "right wing"? Have you noticed that whenever there is violence it is blamed either on "right wing extremists" or "ultra-conservatives"? This is the old leftie trick of word association - associate every no-left word or phrase with something bad until it becomes accepted that anything to do with right wing or conservative is considered "bad" while ignoring the fact that all the worlds great evils have originated in recent years from socialism and the left - communism, Nazism, etc.

I'm sick of it. Right wing good - left wing evil. Conservatism good - socialism evil.

Dr Melvin T Gray said...

Dictatorship is sustained with a fear of something worse.

JuliaM said...

"Will Shaun Sawyer be arrested like Nick Griffin was?"

He ought to be...

"Have you noticed that whenever there is violence it is blamed either on "right wing extremists" or "ultra-conservatives"? This is the old leftie trick of word association..."

Indeed. Going to be interesting to see how they try to spin the current Han Chinese/Muslim Uigher 'unrest', isn't it?

"Dictatorship is sustained with a fear of something worse."

Yes, sadly no MSM organ did more than reproduce this rent seeking report, taking it at face value.

And is it me, or is it particularly inappropriate to bring it out on 7/7?

staybryte said...

False equivalence. Reported without any form of traditional scepticism.

Von Spreuth. said...

Ahh SOOO: THIS will be Incapability Browns crowning moment.

Next week Parliament will burn down, and they will convieniently have to hand JUST the correct Perpetrator to prove their point.

Ahh... Does Brown and his gang of VERY badly performing apes not think we have heard this one befor somewhere?


THAT is why they have been busily destroying history lessons in schools!!

NOW all is clear.

He hasn't got someone with a name like... Horst weasel* that he can get killed off by the opposition, so he can prove a point as well, has he?

Von Brandenburg-Preußen.

* YES I KNOW it is spelled wrongly. It was on purpose, for all the pedants out there.

Eckersalld said...

Can't see any terrorism happening from the neo-nazi's, but I would expect them to ramp up attacks and spread poison.

During economic downturns there is always an element of xenophobia - human nature, when times are good outsiders can be tolerated, when times are bad then there is a natural refocussing of self-interest, including making non-pack members unwelcome - not especially helped by the fact Labours job creation program helped immigrant labour rather than home grown workers.

What you'll get is the usual leaflets, name calling, increase in footy hooligans and a couple of riots. Big whoop. At least the riots will stimulate the local building trade...

JuliaM said...

"..not especially helped by the fact Labours job creation program helped immigrant labour rather than home grown workers."

It does seem as if they are assiduously sowing the seeds of their own destruction, doesn't it?

North Northwester said...

PC coppers on the make, as you say.

I notice that the Plod concerned doesn't say who and what is behind the increases in anti-Semitism (clue for Guardianistas, they begin with 'M' and 'I').

There hasn't actually been any Right-wing terrorism in this country since that anti-gay bomber nut, the end of the fascist IRA's campaign [OK, a few splitters are back and bad]... unless you count the Muslim Islamist ultra-traditionalist utterly orthodox Muslim as Right-wing.

Which, for once, I do.

Anonymous said...

Not many people in the police were surprised when Copeland was revealed exactly for what he was/is - a lone nutter, just like the poor mad chappie currently standing trial for manufacturing bombs in his bedroom at his parents house. Poor, sad, mad people - maybe a judicous use of Section 136 in the past could have helped? Those that were suprised were the Shaun Sawyer's - ACPO - who stoked the hysterical fears of their loony left brothers and sisters.
Immediatley after 9/11 the Met and other forces launched 'reassurance patrol' and huge numbers of officers were sent to 'protect' mosques and sertain communities from the anticipated right wing (i.e. WHITE) backlash that would undoubtedly come and how disappointed they and the politicians seemed when, as usual, the great British public failed to behave in this way. Compare the resources that were, and still are, provided to the muslim community as opposed to the Jewish community.
I despair - almost every day at the moment. I yearn for the days when you'd not hear a peep from senior police officers - serving or retired.

AntiCitizenOne said...

Meanwhile in planet reality...


Mercurius Aulicus said...

Sunny Hundal -'Useful idiot'...?

Well you're half-right.