Thursday, 2 July 2009

Flowers For Algernon Fido...

I think everyone's blood was boiling when they heard this awful story on the morning news:
Lessons will be learnt from the deaths of two German Shepherd dogs left in a hot car, a senior Nottinghamshire police officer has said.

The animals were found dead in the private vehicle outside the force's headquarters in Nottingham on Tuesday.
And while I'm sure that the handler will be beside themselves, that should not be used (as it certainly wouldn't be if a civilian had done this) to excuse him or her from the punishment that must surely be coming their way.

And when that's decided, can they please also apply it - tenfold - to the idiot responsible for this display of mawkish sentimentality:
The police laid a bunch of white lilies, chrysanthemums and gypsophila outside the force's headquarters today. Members of the public were told they could also lay flowers outside the HQ if they wished.
Has the heat got to everyone? Or is this a cynically-judged PR attempt to dispel the well-deserved critiscism heading their way?


Dr Melvin T Gray said...

Corrected to Standard Notts Police Density, 2D+32C = 0

North Northwester said...

Dear Lord - the Notts fuzz go all Liverpool on us.

And remember, in Nottinghamshire, a dog's not just for Christmas...

Barbecue and picnic jokes to follow..

Vetnurse said...

I don't know what happened. I do know that the police dog handlers l have met have all been very close to their dogs.
It would be akin to a police officer shooting their human partner.

I do wonder if some senior officer or situation did not snag him and the guy lost track of time. Is it an excuse, l don't know it depends on what happened.

A VN friend of mine told of a situation some years back where her vet friend left her dog in the car while she went to put the bosses dogs that were running around the practice kennel area back into their kennel so she could get her dog in safely. A job that normally took 2mins.
A client rushed in with in a seriously injured RTA dog and the vet got involved, suddenly someone came in and said about the terribly ill dog in a car...she got to him just in time.

Once the info is all in then it can be decided if the officer needs punishing or not.

JuliaM said...

"Corrected to Standard Notts Police Density, 2D+32C = 0"


"...the Notts fuzz go all Liverpool on us."

It is getting a bit like that everywhere. You'd expect dispassionate public services not to fall under the influence so quickly, though.

"I do know that the police dog handlers l have met have all been very close to their dogs. "

Oh, I don't doubt that for a minute. It'll be interesting to see if Which End Bites posts on it.

"Is it an excuse, l don't know it depends on what happened. "

Would it be an excuse for Mr or Mrs Average Member of the Public?

A quick search on the BBC site for incidents prior to yesterday gets this:"It was clear as soon as we arrived that the animals were in extreme distress. We had to force entry to the car by smashing the back windscreen and we were given a police escort to the nearest vets for emergency treatment.

"Both dogs required rehydration via a drip. The internal body temperature of the female was 41.5C. Luckily the dogs survived, but any longer and I've no doubt they would have over heated and died."

The owner of the Shar Pei dogs was fined £400 after being successfully prosecuted."

Malthebof said...

When you own or are resposible for animals, they are your first priority, you feed them, water them and attend to their needs before your own. Leaving dogs or children in a locked car on a warm day is unforgiveable, they rely on you.